Cotonti - потужний каркас веб-розробки та інструмент управління контентом з відкритим кодом, націлений на безпеку, швидкість і розширюваність.

Чому Cotonti?

Cotonti поєднує гнучкість веб-фреймворка з швидким розгортанням і компонентами системи управління вмістом. Незважаючи на те, що в CMF «з коробки» є облікові записи, створення контенту, управління файлами та інструментарій для спільнот, CMF Cotonti може бути легко розширений за допомогою модулів і плагінів. У Cotonti є свій шаблонізатор, швидкий і легкий в освоєнні, навіть якщо ви не програміст.

Дізнайтеся більше про переваги Cotonti ...

Головні особливості

  • Відкритий код, розвивається співтовариством
  • Безпечний та надійний
  • Швидкий і легкий
  • Модульний і розширюваний
  • Вид відділений від логіки
  • Швидкий і зручний шаблонізатор
  • Інтернаціональний


Cotonti Siena released 02.02.2024

Whats new:

  • СoTemplate. Support for multiple function arguments. Now you can use other tags as function arguments. You can write like this:
    {PHP|cot_url('page', 'c=news')|var_dump({PHP.L.Home}, $this, {PHP.cfg.mainurl}, {PHP|cot_url('page', 'c=news ')}, {HEADER_TITLE})}
    The $this support is left in place. You can still use function call chains.
  • СoTemplate. Strict comparison operators: === and !==
  • Fixed a bug where data from the database cache might not be loaded automatically.
  • Static cache improvements.
  • You can now use comments in Url editor's *.dat files
  • Forums API. A new function cot_forums_sqlExcludePrivateTopics() that generates an SQL condition to exclude private topics from the selection, based on the the current user's rights. You can use it in your extensions.
  • The page views counter now works even when the static page cache is enabled.
  • Captcha and posting comments by guests now work when static page cache is enabled.
  • Search. The default sorting is by date descending.
  • Fixed/added meta tags title, description and canonical url in some extensions
  • Function cot_generatePaginationTags() for uniform generation of pagination tags in extensions.
  • Extrafields. Field name validation.
  • CKEditor has been updated to version 4.22.1. In future releases, it will be replaced with version 5.
  • Refactoring of tags in templates has begun. Making tags more understandable and convenient. The old tags are kept for backward compatibility, but will be removed in the future. We recommend updating your themes.
  • The Composer folder has been moved to lib/vendor
  • 1st part of Tags plugin improvements
  • Improvements to the Recent items plugin
  • Other minor improvements
  • Fix for various errors found during operation.

Read more on the release page.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the work on this release, programming and testing


For more detailed info see:

Cotonti Siena 0.9.23 released 22.06.2023

Whats new:

  • Added Composer support.
  • Added PSR-4: Autoloader for classes
  • Improved cot_mail() function to follow RFC 2822. Added support for several recipients, CC and BCC recipients and custom sender (from)
  • Added check for file existence for hooks
  • Implemented first part of logging system improvement
  • Install - prevent execution of more than 1 process at a time
  • CKEditor updated to v4.21.0
  • Plugins 'BBcode Parser' and 'MarkItUp!' are removed from standard 'box'
  • Fixed some bugs.

You can find removed plugins here: BBCode Parser and MarkItUp!

Read more on the release page.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the work on this release, programming and testing


For more detailed info see:

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Extensions updates 20.04.2023

Recently, the project participants have updated a number of extensions:

Recent comments for Administrators, Pageavatar, Similar Pages, Table of Contents, Files module, User's recent posts, User's pages

Also the Yukon admin panel theme was updated

Added new extension and theme: User's translate и Adminkacota

Read more details on the corresponding extensions pages.
Enjoy using them :)

Cotonti Siena 0.9.22 released 19.03.2023

What's new:

  • Force HTTPS. If you are using HTTPS but for some reason it is not detected automatically, enable this option in config.php
  • Ability to add attributes to included JS/CSS files via the Resources class
  • Refactored and ordered icons and resources that use them
  • Detailed information about PHP installed on the server (phpinfo) has been added to the admin panel
  • CKEditor updated to version 4.20.2
  • Minor admin panel update
  • Fixed some missing lines in language files
  • There is still some code that is not adapted to php 8.1. But there is less and less of it. In this release, we continued to work on this.
  • Fixed some bugs.

The 'Table Of Contents' plugin has also been updated

There are some breaking changes and new tags in tpl files. Read more on the release page.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the work on this release, programming and testing: KortDayver, webitproffKabak and Alex300


For more detailed info see:

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Cotonti Siena 0.9.21 released 17.10.2022

Whats new:

  • Removed outdated 'News' plugin. Please use 'Index news' instead.
  • The CotDB class has been rewritten. We have taken the first step to using different databases, not just MySQL.
  • The cot_import_date() function can now accept string values. Date/time values ​​are allowed in any format that the strtotime() function supports. See: This makes it easier to use different datepickers on the frontend.
  • Compatibility with PHP 8.1
  • Htmlpurifier updated to version 4.15.0
  • Improvements in 'i18n' plugin. (Support for multilingual content in core and extensions)
  • Several improvements and fixes
  • Lots of fixes and improvements

For more detailed info see:

Commits list

Closed 0.9.21 issues


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Cotonti Siena 0.9.20 released 14.08.2022

Whats new:

  • Dropped support of PHP 5.3, now minimal requirements is PHP 5.4
  • Compatibility with PHP 8.0. We are waiting for the Htmlpurifier update to implement compatibility with PHP 8.1
  • CKEditor updated to version 4.19.1
  • Htmlpurifier updated to version 4.14.0
  • Installer errors have been fixed
  • Improved work with MySQL (InnoDB engine instead of MyISAM, and utf8mb4 charset)
  • Improved email sending
  • Lots of fixes and improvements

For more detailed info see:

Commits list

Closed 0.9.20 issues


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Оновлені мовні файли на Transifex 18.07.2016

Як ви знаєте, ми вже не перший рік використовуємо сервіс Transifex для керування перекладами основних мовних файлів проекту. Transifex дозволяє легко, в web-інтерфейсі перекладати мовні файли Cotonti на будь-яку мову.

Цей анонс створений для того щоб нагадати вам про можливості сервісу перекладів і про те, що Cotonti Siena потребує вашої допомоги в локалізаціїї.

Code reference is updated to 0.9.19 30.06.2016

We update our API and code reference according to 0.9.19 version.

By the way —

  • we renew page styles to be more clean and pretty
  • fix source code listing error that cause unexpected redirects 
  • source code listings now have a syntax highlighting

Cotonti Siena 0.9.19 released 24.06.2016

We glad to announce the long-awaited 0.9.19 release!

Let's see what we get with it:

in total of 217 commits.

We work hard and we get it! Thanks for this release contributors and our community volunteers.


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Social login 28.03.2016

HybridAuth plugin had been used to login with social networks is temporary down for maintenance reasons.

If you have any problems with login — write me a message to macik.spb at gmail. Or use new registration and write me a PM.