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Will display all the pages created by the user in his account details.

The new version of the old plugin (now on Ajax technology and adapted by Сotonti)


Displays all the pages created by the user in his profile

Version: 0.9.5
GitHub: https://github.com/Alex300/user-pages



  • Unpack and upload the files into the folder : /plugins/
  • Go into the administration panel, then the tab "Plugins", click the name of the new plugin, and at bottom of the plugin properties, select "Install all".
  • Then in the same page, check if this plugin require new tags in the skin files (.TPL).
  • If yes, then open the skin file(s) with a text editor, and add the tag {USERS_DETAILS_USERPAGES} .
  • Some extended plugins have their own configuration entries, available by clicking the number near "Configuration" in the plugin properties, or go directly to the main configuration tab, section "Plugins".


Old Genoa version: download

1. AerialAngel  2009-05-18 10:11
great plugin :)
2. rayblo  2010-01-26 06:19
Maybe change in TPL;

<!-- BEGIN: PAGES -->
	{UP_DATE} : <a href="{UP_PAG_URL}">{UP_NAME}</a> - <a href="list.php?c={UP_CATEGORY_ID}">{UP_CATEGORY}</a><br />
	<!-- END: PAGES -->


<!-- BEGIN: PAGES -->
	{UP_DATE} : <a href="list.php?c={UP_CATEGORY_ID}">{UP_CATEGORY}</a> / <a href="{UP_PAG_URL}">{UP_NAME}</a><br />
	<!-- END: PAGES -->

So it will show first the categorie and then the Name!?
3. Dayver  2010-01-26 06:45
This is not a bug. Everything depends on the particular site and its design. I see no reason to fix the plugin because all wonderful changes in the TPL file
4. Kingsley  2012-03-04 11:17

plugin gives erros in latest version of Siena:


Notice: cot_cc() is deprecated since Cotonti Genoa, use htmlspecialchars() instead in public_html/rangers/plugins/genoa/inc/genoa.functions.php on line 463

Total: 4, on page: 4

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