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Management of attachments to pages, posts and any other objects, photo galleries creation for pages and posts. Users personal file storage, site file storage for site administrators, avatars and user albums.

Module for CMF Cotonti.    
The module organizes the management of attachments to pages, posts and any other objects, photo galleries creation for pages and posts. It also combines the users personal file storage, site file storage for site administrators, avatars and user albums management.
It is a replacement for the PFS module, the "User images" plugin included in the Cotonti "box" and the "Attach2" plugin.

GitHub: https://github.com/Alex300/files
Module page: https://lily-software.com/free-scripts/cotonti-files (russian)


#1. Features

  • The ability to store files both in the local file system on the server and in remote file storages, such as Amazon AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Yandex Objet Storage, BunnyCdn, Google Cloud Storage, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP, etc.
  • Modern upload mechanism based on jQuery File Upload
  • Support for multiloading.
  • Dragging files with the mouse directly to the upload form.
  • Downloading files in parts ("Chunks") allows you to bypass the 2 MB file upload limit via $_POST.
  • Use both the GD library and ImageMagick for image processing. The last one supports a larger number of image formats, incl. HEIC/HEIF, which are used in Apple iPhone smartphones.
  • Downscale large images to the specified size when uploading.
  • Using watermark for images.
  • Simple integration via function callback from a template.
  • Downloads are counted and occur with the original file name.
  • Create images for preview (thumbnail) and easily configure it.
  • Extrafields support.
  • Special BBCodes for inserting images and galleries into the text of pages, regardless of the selected parser.
  • Supporting image formats by the GD library: .avif, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tga, .tpic, .wbmp, .webp, .xbm
  • Supporting image formats by the Imagick library.


#2. System requirements and limitations

  • Installed Cotonti Siena version not lower than 0.9.24 beta. (Files v. 1.0.8 is compatible with Cotonti Siena 0.9.18)
  • PHP version 7.4 and higher. (Files v. 1.0.8 is compatible with PHP v 5.4)
     .bmp is supported by GD library on PHP >= 7.2,
     .tga is supported by GD library on PHP >= 7.4, thumbnails creating in JPEG
     .avif is supported by GD library on PHP >= 8.1
  • To use remote file storage, Flysystem and the appropriate adapter must be installed
  • jQuery File Upload shows preview on image uploading not for all image formats.
  • Cotonti Lib library version 2.2.x installed on your site.
  • The module is not compatible with the PFS module and the "User images" plugin. They should not be installed if you are going to use the "Files" module.
  • Templates "in a box" are designed to use a theme implemented on the Bootstrap v3 framework (Installed separately)

Note. Due to the different database structure and the way files are stored, the "Files" module will not automatically pick up files present on the site from the "PFS" module and the "User images" and "Attach2" plugins.


Data transfer from the "PFS" module and the "User images" and "Attach2" plugins.

If you want to use the "Files" module for an existing site, you should use a converter to transfer data between modules. You can order it here. At the moment, there is a converter for transferring data from these three extensions, because they are one of the most frequently used. But you can make a converter for any other module or plugin.


#3. Installation

  • Download the archive and unpack it into the folder with the modules of your site.
  • In the "Administration panel > Extensions" menu, install it by clicking "install" button.
  • In the module settings, select the settings that suit you.
  • In the control panel templates "admin.users.tpl" and "admin.users.tpl" and also in some others, create tags in accordance with the recommendations on the module page in the control panel. (https://<your_domain>/admin/extensions?a=details&mod=files)
  • If necessary, on the user group editing page, set limits on the size of the uploaded file, the total user file space and the maximum number of attachments per object. Each user group can have its own permissions.
  • Note that the sizes are specified in bytes, '0' means "unlimited", and '-1' means prohibition.
  • Create a directory for files on your server ("datas/files" is used by default) and set write permissions for PHP (for example, CHMOD 775 or CHMOD 777).
  • Use Resources::setAlias() in your theme to declare aliases for Bootstrap files if you plan to use it and it is installed in a folder, different from the one in the Resources class.


#4. Version history

v. 2.0.0

  • Use the Image bundle from the Cotonti Lib for image processing.
  • Use the File System from the Cotonti Lib and Flysystem to store files and operate with them.
  • File names obfuscation.
  • Downscale uploading images in browser, if possible.
  • Code refactoring. The functions have been renamed using the pattern cot_filesFunctionName().

v. 1.0.8

  • Added support for deleting users, pages and forum posts to the trash. When deleting these items, the files are not deleted and after restoring the item from the trash, the files remain attached to these elements. When deleting items from the trash, the related files are deleting too.

v 1.0.7

  • Added support for image formats: avif, bmp, gd2, gd, tga, tpic, wbmp, webp, xbm
  • jQuery File Upload updated to version 10.32.0
  • Compatibility with PHP 8.1
  • Fixed some bugs


Read more about usage (russian)

If you can't read russian, please feel free to ask me and I'll try to translate documentation to English.

#5. Contact

Please use the Extensions forum to discuss plugin features and GitHub tracker to submit bug reports.


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