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22th release of Siena

#1. About Siena

If you are a new to Cotonti — please read a brief info about this CMF and its requirements.

See detailed instructions for first-time install or updating guides.


#2. Release info

#2.1. Whats new:

  • Force HTTPS. If you are using HTTPS but for some reason it is not detected automatically, enable this option in config.php. Please note that during the upgrade process, the $cfg['force_https'] = FALSE (disabled by default) setting will be added to the end of the config.php
  • Ability to add attributes to included JS/CSS files via the Resources class
  • Refactored and ordered icons and resources that use them
  • Detailed information about PHP installed on the server (phpinfo) has been added to the admin panel
  • Minor admin panel update
  • CKEditor updated to version 4.20.2
  • Fixed some missing lines in language files
  • There is still some code that is not adapted to php 8.1. But there is less and less of it. In this release, we continued to work on this.
  • Fixed some bugs.


#2.2. Breaking changes:

New tags in system/admin/tpl/admin.tpl:

  • 'ADMIN_BREADCRUMBS' - contains bread crumbs
  • 'ADMIN_TITLE' - now, as it should be, contains a title.



System core info was moved to its logical location (to Other/Infos) in admin panel. So there are new tags in system/admin/tpl/admin.infos.tpl:

If you use third-party themes for admin. panels - don't forget to update them

File renamed: plugins/i18n/i18n.admin.extensions.phpplugins/i18n/i18n.extension.install.done.php


#2.3. For more detailed info see:


#3. Updating from previous versions

  • For updating from previous Siena version — see instructions here.
  • For upgrading from Genoa — see this document (you will also need files from cotonti-legacy to perform the upgrade).

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1. webitproff  2023-03-20 19:37


спасибо за релиз. начинаем активно тестировать и "варить воду" разработчикам ! ;)


thanks for the release. we are starting to actively test the system and "boil water" for developers! ;)

2. webitproff  2023-03-20 20:04

Обсждаем релиз, плюсы и минусы, ошибки, недостатки и преимущества, а также более подробно знакомимся с новейшим релизом Cotonti Siena v.0.9.22

3. webitproff  2023-03-27 15:28

проверял сам,  ради интереса, поставил  релиз 0.9.19 и потом обновил до 0.9.22, с php 5.6 до 8.1 соответственно. без сторонних плагинов т.е. без таких, которіе не входят в "коробку".

так что можно спокойно обновляться по инструкции

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