Cotonti / Open Source PHP Content Management FrameworkContent Management Framework

Cotonti is a powerful open-source web development framework and content manager with a focus on security, speed and flexibility.

Why choose Cotonti?

Cotonti combines the flexibility of a web framework with the rapid deployability and featureset of a content management system. Despite having features such as user accounts, content creation, file management and community tools out of the box, it can be easily extended using modules or plugins. Cotonti is powered by its own template engine which is both fast and easy to learn, even if you are not an experienced programmer.

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Major features

  • Open source, community driven
  • Secure and reliable
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Modular and extensible
  • Layout separated from logic
  • Fast and easy template engine
  • Internationalized


Happy 2011 and Siena beta release2011-01-04

First of all the Cotonti Team wishes you a Happy 2011!

For Cotonti 2011 will be a very interesting year as we're very close to releasing Siena, which means Cotonti is finally disconnecting from it's predecessor. For those who don't know, Siena has been in development for almost 1½ years. It will bring new features and performance improvements that take Cotonti to the next level, where it's able to compete with other highly-developed CMS systems. More importantly, we've made some crucial design decisions along the way that allow Cotonti to be used as a webdevelopment framework rather than just a content management system. It's the biggest step we've taken with Cotonti so far, and it's a great leap towards Renaissance.

The community itself is also set to be changed. We intend to aim at a more professional audience and we're working on a new website for Not only will it get a fresh look, it's largely focussed on restructuring the entire website, including the downloads section and documentation. The documentation itself will also be revised, improved and extended.

Siena has just reached Beta state and is now ready for testing by wider audience. New beta builds are available every hour. Please have a look at it and let us know about any bugs you may find. Note that it's not yet possible to upgrade from Genoa, neither we recommend using the Beta on production sites, for that you will have to wait for the stable release.

Good luck, have fun and happy coding in 2011!
4 | Author: GHengeveld

Hot December is on and Genoa 0.6.122010-12-02

IE9 support in markItUp, jQuery 1.4.4, native language domains support, a very important security and layout update of Tags plugin and more... Now hurry up to update your Genoa setup to 0.6.12!

View details and Download Genoa 0.6.12 here

We are following our previously stated timeline and this day comes as feature freeze on Siena 0.9.0. It means that no new features are accepted for this release from now and during this month we will only get done what we have already started, fix bugs and make obvious enhancements. The next alpha/beta is not ready at the moment, there are some preparations required before the next massive testing and bugfixing stage starts. You will be informed of it either here or on forums.
0 | Author: Trustmaster

Genoa Update 0.6.11 and Roadmap Changes2010-11-01

Genoa updates for November 2010 are available as 0.6.11 release. As usually it contains fixes for recently discovered bugs.

Details and download for Cotonti Genoa 0.6.11

As for more significant changes in Cotonti project, there are 3 most noticeable things:
  1. Koradhil has become our Administrator responsible for site reorganization, documentation reorganization and public affairs in blogosphere and social media.
  2. Cotonti Siena is in alpha testing and development stage. We have completed over 100 tickets by now, most of 0.9.0 features are already available and are still doing major changes.
  3. The Roadmap has been corrected, it is described below.
Our current project schedule looks like this:
  • December 1st 2010: feature freeze for 0.9.0. All major changes are to be done by this date. Then 0.9.0 enters “beta” stage when only bugfixes, minor enhancements and translations will be accepted. During December we will stabilize Siena and move site onto it.
  • December 25th 2010 - January 2nd 2011: within this period 0.9.0 final will be released. This site will be relaunched with a new layout, documentation section, downloads repository and other improvements.
  • January – March 2011: minor releases in 0.9.x branch (0.9.1, 0.9.2. etc.). Goals: rock solid stability, performance optimizations, plugin and module development, easy migration of existing Genoa sites.
  • March 1st or April 1st 2011: by this time we expect 0.9.x to be stable enough, so that it will eventually become 1.0.0.
You can locate the Roadmap in our project tracker. Genoa will be phased out some time after 1.0.0 release, most probably when most sites will have been upgraded, e.g. in June 2011.
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Genoa 0.6.10 Released2010-09-01

It's the first day of Autumn, isn't it? Chin up and update your Cotonti! What's new:
  • jQuery 1.4.2
  • markItUp! 1.1.8 with Opera and WebKit fixes and optimized graphics
  • Fixed keeping of extrafields data
  • A few small bugfixes
More details and Download

Some news about Siena progress. We have almost finished modularization, currently AdminCP is being modularized. The new fancy looking modular installer&updater is up and running. We've introduced a few developer APIs. More hard work is before us this month, so wish us good luck and many happy hours coding the most different Cotonti ever!
15 | Author: Trustmaster

Security update for Genoa2010-07-15

An important security bug has been detected in Cotonti 0.6.x that might affect some sites with magic_quotes_gpc=Off. That's why today we have released 0.6.9 which fixes this bug and also improves our security and authentication mechanisms as requested by the community. Here are the changes:
  • An important security fix and improvements for the rc.php static resource compressor
  • Authentication security and stability improvement backported from Siena
  • Anti-XSS improvement backported from Siena
  • Authentication support for multi-domain sites (with "remember me")

This update is strongly recommended, download it now. Note: right after the update all users will have to relogin into the site.

If you wonder about Siena, it is still under heavy development.
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