Cotonti is a free website creation and maintenance solution with benefits for:

#1. Webmasters

  • All basic features required by most sites included.
  • Specific functionality available as extensions.
  • Can be custom-fitted for any kind of a website.
  • Low resource consumption and fast responses.
  • Focus on security, the site is protected better.

#2. Developers

  • Open source code and community driven development.
  • Clear straight-forward code and easy APIs.
  • Harvest framework which doesn't limit your freedom.
  • All system behavior details can be controlled if necessary.
  • Essential aspects are documented, the rest is easy to learn yourself.

#3. Designers

  • Powerful template engine with nested structure blocks, logical conditions, pipeline processors.
  • No PHP skills required, just HTML/CSS with a few simple control statements.
  • Reuse templates from default or third-party themes.
  • Every single aspect of the layout can be customized in the template, stylesheet or resource string.

#4. Companies

  • High load capability and optimizations even with frequently changed contents.
  • Scales easily with both database and web server clusters.
  • Hire freelancers from the community or establish your own team quickly.
  • Easy to contribute and benefit from other individual or corporate contributions.


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