Cotonti Siena 0.9.0 is finally available! Cotonti Siena 0.9.0 is finally available!

A period of titanic work is over, getting ready to the following

The biggest major Cotonti release ever is finally available. Here are some figures to realize the scale of the work wich has been done since the beginning of Siena branch:

  • 20 months of hard work - over 1.5 years of development
  • 140 tickets closed - over a hundred new features and improvements
  • 1110 commits in the repository - more than a half of all

We have done our best to deliver you a modern Content Management System and a powerful Content Management Framework. The most significant changes are:

  • Easy installation and automated updates.
  • Modularization allows you to choose modules and extensions you want and put away those you don't.
  • WYSIWYG and search engine optimizations out of the box.
  • CoTemplate 2.5 with nested logical blocks and callbacks support, better performance.
  • Skins are now called Themes. Modules + Plugins = Extensions. Extensions provide fallback templates, so you don't need to redefine all the templates in your theme.
  • PDO database layer, several useful Developer APIs, refactored code which means that extension development is now 30% more productive.

For more information please visit Release Notes page.

As you can see, the status of the 0.9 branch is currently "testing". It means that it is not yet recommended for large production sites, but is fine for smaller ones, for new projects or to start using the new system to migrate in future. The 0.6 branch has the "stable" status and will be supported at least until 0.9 becomes "stable" and all sites are safe to migrate to it.

Currently the number of plugins available for Siena is limited. The APIs have changed a lot, so a "porting" procedure is required for plugins to work with the new version. We would like to encourage plugin developers to start porting their plugins to Siena. If you don't want to wait you can try running the old plugins with the Genoa compatibility plugin enabled, but this is for your own risk.

I would like to thank all the developers who have contributed during these 20 months, including those who had left our Team before their work was finally adopted. And those who continue supporting us and making our beloved Cotonti system and community better day by day.

1. Bosco  2011-04-04 19:01

Well, congratulations with this milestone. And now to aim at bigger stars :)

Hope it will bring the succes you guys are after.


2. Lombi  2011-04-04 19:15


3. foxhound  2011-04-04 20:47

Congrats with the new release.


I will wait with the upgrade on my live site as recommended but when I find time I will try to upgrade a test site and invite some community members to test and so I can hopefully gigve some vlauable feedback and maybe spot issues.


Thanks for all the work!!

4. tensh  2011-04-05 06:46


I'm going for the tests today :)

5. fade2k  2011-05-08 18:54

I can't wait to try it out, though some of the req. php modules are missing on my machine atm =0D

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