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Released on January 28, 2024. Find out what's new in the release notes.

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Previous releases:

These are older versions of the Cotonti CMS. If you're starting a new project, we recommend downloading the latest release above.

Cotonti Siena 0.9.23 23th release of Siena

Cotonti Siena 0.9.22 22th release of Siena

Cotonti Siena 0.9.21 21th release of Siena

Cotonti Siena 0.9.20 20th release of Siena with PHP 8.0 supporting

Cotonti Siena 0.9.19 Long-awaited 19th release of Siena

Cotonti Siena 0.9.18 A 18th update in the Siena series of Cotonti CMS

Cotonti Siena 0.9.17 Update for Siena

Cotonti Siena 0.9.16 Stability improvement for Siena

Cotonti Siena 0.9.15 15-th update recommended for all Siena users

Cotonti Siena 0.9.14 An important security and stability update for Cotonti Siena

Cotonti Siena 0.9.13 A regular Cotonti Siena upgrade with CKEditor4 and some other features

Cotonti Siena Minor update with a lot of bugfixes

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.25 Long-term support update 25

Cotonti Siena 0.9.11 Important security update and fixes for Cotonti Siena

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.24 Security update and minor fixes for Cotonti Genoa

Cotonti Siena 0.9.10 Pre-release (beta) features for Cotonti Siena 1.0

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.23 Cotonti Genoa service pack 23

Cotonti Siena 0.9.9 Security update for Cotonti Siena

Cotonti Siena 0.9.8 Siena branch getting closer to the major release

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.22 22nd service pack for Cotonti Genoa

Cotonti Siena 0.9.7 Seventh update of the Cotonti Siena branch

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.21 Update in stable branch of Cotonti

Cotonti Siena 0.9.6 Another stabilization update for Siena branch

Cotonti Siena 0.9.5 A lot of bugs fixed!

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.20 20th service pack for Cotonti Genoa

Cotonti Siena 0.9.4 An important release in 0.9.x branch

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.19 A quick fix for 0.6.18 release

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.18 Regular update for Cotonti Genoa

Cotonti Siena 0.9.3 Next minor release in Siena branch

Cotonti Siena 0.9.2 Bugfixes for Cotonti Siena branch

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.17 A small fixing release

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.16 A regular fix for stable branch

Cotonti Siena 0.9.1 A follow-up minor release for Cotonti Siena 0.9.0 which fixes several bugs and brings a few enhancements

Cotonti Siena 0.9.0 First major release in the Siena branch finally released after many months of development

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.15 Another regular bugfixing update

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.14 Bugfixes in stable Cotonti branch for previous 0.6.14 release

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.13 A quick fix for 0.6.12

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.12 Bugfixing release for Genoa branch

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.11 Genoa update for November 2010