Cotonti / Open Source PHP Content Management FrameworkContent Management Framework

Cotonti is a powerful open-source web development framework and content manager with a focus on security, speed and flexibility.

Why choose Cotonti?

Cotonti combines the flexibility of a web framework with the rapid deployability and featureset of a content management system. Despite having features such as user accounts, content creation, file management and community tools out of the box, it can be easily extended using modules or plugins. Cotonti is powered by its own template engine which is both fast and easy to learn, even if you are not an experienced programmer.

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Major features

  • Open source, community driven
  • Secure and reliable
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Modular and extensible
  • Layout separated from logic
  • Fast and easy template engine
  • Internationalized


Cotonti Update 0.6.42009-10-15

Another monthly update brings you latest patches and fixes available for stable Cotonti branch. Changes in this version from 0.6.3 include:
  • Flawless HTML parsing support
  • A fix for tags output
  • A fix for PFS links
  • A fix for advanced permission management
  • A fix for possible security flaw in users list
  • Request source type for sed_import()

You can download the latest version here.

Cotonti Skin Competition Is Over2009-10-13

Today we have received the last votes and opinions on the three skins which were selected for the final round of the competition.

It was a spectacular race because nobody really knew which skin would take over. Every single point from the jury was very significant.

However, now it is time to take a deep breath because here are the the winners and their prizes:
  • The Grand Prix goes to Stamatis 'Stam' Kritikos and his SymiSun* 03. It means that this skin will become the new default skin in Cotonti Siena 0.7.
  • The 1st prize and $170 goes to MeDBejoHok for his outstanding Veronese.
  • The 2nd prize and $100 is deserved by Dmitri Beliavski a.k.a. Kort for his high quality entry Cryo.
  • The rest 3 guys who took part in the 1st round will get $20 each for their effort and wish to help our community and CMS to develop.
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Skin Competition - Round 2 (Final)2009-10-10

The first round of Skin Competition is now over and it has clearly outlined 2 things:
  • We have 3 obvious leaders.
  • Web polls are not perfect for such contests.
So we decided to combine the Jury vote with Community vote and go for Round 2.

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Читать дальше (Russian)

Skin Competition Voting is On!2009-10-05

Everyone in our community has waited for it for quite long and eventually Cotonti Skin Competition Web Vote has been launched! There are 6 skins to choose from. Not so much, but we choose quality over quantity. You can evaluate the skins by visiting live demos and then vote for one you like most.

Go to The Web Vote

The winner of the web vote will get $170 and the title of "Cotonti Skin Competition '09 Winner". The second place is granted $100 and we will give $70 for the third place.

In the meanwhile 10 members of our community and Team will give their marks to these skins, considering layout, code quality and infrastructure. And the winner of the Jury Prize becomes a new standard skin since Cotonti 0.7.0.

Cotonti Genoa 0.6.3 Is Available2009-09-15

This update contains fixes for 14 non-critical bugs in: forum post anchors, RSS, cache, user birthdate, polls, comments, extra fields, new post indication, magic_quotes_gpc, e-mail links, XSS and CSRF protection. Keep your Cotonti stable and up2date!

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