Cotonti is een krachtig open-source web ontwikkelings framework en content manager, met de focus op veiligheid, snelheid en flexibiliteit.

Waarom Cotonti?

Cotonti combineert de flexibiliteit van een web framework met de snelle inzetbaarheid en mogelijkheden van een content management systeem. Naast de standaard mogelijkheden voor gebruikersaccounts, content creatie, file management en community tools, is Cotonti ook makkelijk uit te breiden met nieuwe modules en plugins. Cotonti wordt aangedreven door een eigen snelle template engine die zelfs voor de minder gevorderde programmeur makkelijk is te begrijpen.

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Belangrijkste functies

  • Open source, community gedreven
  • Veilig en betrouwbaar
  • Snel en licht van gewicht
  • Modulair en uitbreidbaar
  • Layout los van logica
  • Snelle en makkelijk template engine
  • Geïnternationaliseerd


Siena 0.9.5 and Genoa 0.6.20 are available 2011-10-02

Both stable and testing branches have been updated recently. What's new in Siena 0.9.5:

  • Fixed all the bugs we have found in 0.9.4 during a month.
  • Improvements in SEF URLs, i18n, JS/CSS consolidation.
  • Performance has been optimized so that Siena is now faster than Genoa.
  • A lot more, see full list on Download page.

Genoa 0.6.20 just reverts page_text field back to non-mandatory status and... brings CoTemplate 2.6.3 from Siena branch. Enjoy!

Plugin conversion campaign results are now available.

As Siena is now just a few releases from stable 1.0.0, the big announcement of 1.x to 2.0 Roadmap is expected soon. Stay tuned!

Siena 0.9.4 released! 2011-09-03

Cotonti Team is proud to present you a massive update of Siena branch. The most important changes include:

  • SEF URLs bundled with the system. Read more.
  • Corrected page publishing/expiration feature.
  • Improved content internationalization.
  • Confirmation of potentially dangerous actions.
  • Language strings can now be overloaded in theme_name.php files.
  • CoTemplate 2.6.1 supports nested FILE includes.
  • Custom SQL column types in extrafields.
  • Lots of bug fixes, including some security-related ones.
  • Lots of small enhancements...
  • ... and as a bonus - Administration Panel with significantly improved usability.

By now we have implemented all the major features we originally planned for our 1.0 release. This means that no major changes and no changes in the APIs will be performed in 0.9.x branch anymore. Starting with 0.9.5 all the changes will be aimed at stability, usability and performance enhancement. This also means that plugin and theme developers can do what they want without worrying about upcoming updates: their plugins and themes will work even on Cotonti 1.0.x without changes.

Visit the release page to try it out or for more information.

Plugin Conversion Campaign 2011-07-13

Are you missing your beloved Cotonti Genoa / Seditio / LDU plugins in Cotonti Siena? Chin up! Go and add them to our Genoa to Siena Wishlist. If the plugin has functionality which has not been covered yet, then it will participate in the Plugin Conversion Campaign. You can also Donate to support this campaign.

Are you a plugin developer? Help us to convert those plugins and earn money! We will give you $5-15 for each converted plugin from that topic (if confirmed as useful for conversion and not redundant) and even for each plugin which is not in the list but is still useful in Cotonti Siena. The procedure is simple: pick a plugin from the Wishlist topic, and make a post that you are converting that plugin. When you are done, post a link to your results. If the person who originally requested the plugin confirms that the plugin works fine, then you will get the money when the campaign is over. The actual sum ($5, $10 or $15) depends on how difficult the plugin is. The more plugins you convert, the more money you get at the end of the campaign.

The campaign has already started, developers who have already converted plugins in that topic will get money for them! All the conversions should be done and confirmed as completed until September 15th.

If you need more information about the conversion process, please read this guide.

More good news: we have enabled "Thank you" system on this site, so members can thank each other for useful articles, add-ons and replies on forums. Don't hesitate to thank somebody who helps you. People who get thanked often and provide good support and feedback will be given bonuses, either with money or with upgraded privileges. Scammers will be sacked.

Even more good news: we have enabled internationalization on this site, the interface is currently available in 3 languages and will be available in more. Translations of the documentation can be contributed as well, we have added a few Russian translations so far.

Cotonti goes Social! 2011-07-03

I'm glad to inform you that Cotonti Team has just moved the Development area of the project to GitHub, the next generation project hosting and social coding platform.

What benefits does it give to the Cotonti community? Here they are:

  • Git - a modern distributed version control system. Our repository is now 18 MB instead of over 300 MB with Subversion.
  • Watch the repository to get all the updates of issues and source code automatically to your e-mail.
  • A powerful Source browser which can easily switch between branches, tags (releases) and make comprehensive changesets just like Trac did and even more.
  • Task/issue management tool with modern Web 2.0 interface.
  • Automatic Download builder.
  • Create your own repositories for plugins, modules and themes to let the other people collaborate with you or report bugs.
  • Share the code and communicate with thousands of other geeks at GitHub!

What about the old good Trac and SVN? They will stay online in read-only mode for several months more to let the people grab necessary stuff from there if needed.

Another reason to move plugin/module development to separate Git repositories is that when the Cotonti Extension Center will be launched, it will use public Git information to provide automatic packaging, updates and extension listing.

Siena 0.9.3 and an important note for developers 2011-07-02

We wish you enjoy Summertime. To make it even better give a new Cotonti Siena 0.9.3 release a try. What's new:

  • Support for multiple parsers and editors on site and parser/editor selection in Administration => Configuration.
  • Fixed important bugs in mail sending function. User activation is back to normal.
  • Extension management tool now lets you remove broken plugins and install extensions with no actual parts (just a setup file and nothing else).
  • CoTemplate debug output now contains full block paths to avoid confusion.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.

For more information please visit the release page.

Important notice for developers and contributors: we are moving the repository and project management to Github. Please inform us of your Github account as soon as possible!

Cotonti Updates in May 2011-05-15

This site has been moved to a faster server. Google Site Performance analyzer says it now loads faster than 95% of sites on the web. Nice results reinforced by Siena's JS/CSS consolidator tool.

Oh, the updates! Genoa site owners should update their sites to 0.6.17, the patch is really small but won't hurt applying. Siena enthusiasts, head to 0.9.2 - this is a bugfixing update, but a very important one. We apologize for 0.9.1 which had some bugs which made it harder to use than 0.9.0, so we have solved those problems in 0.9.2 and you can have more fun with Siena now!

Community updates include our new Twitter page. Besides the official announcements it also tracks links to useful articles, so follow us there! Another important thing is that we are going to launch a plugin conversion campaign soon and so far we have opened a Wishlist for future conversions.

The following month probably won't bring many major features to the engine, but we plan several helpful community actions, including rewards for support, relaunch of donations and of course the plugin conversion campaign.

Server Maintenance Apr 12-13 2011 2011-04-12

Today, April 12 2011 from 20:00 to 23:00 GMT the site/Trac/SVN may be unavailable for some time due to server upgrade. If you encounter problems accessing the site, please try again some 15 minutes later.

Update: the site was unavailable from 08:00 to 18:00 GMT due to unpredicted problems with the server. Sorry for that, we are finally back online.

Thank you for your patience!

Cotonti Siena 0.9.0 is finally available! 2011-04-04

The biggest major Cotonti release ever is finally available. Here are some figures to realize the scale of the work wich has been done since the beginning of Siena branch:

  • 20 months of hard work - over 1.5 years of development
  • 140 tickets closed - over a hundred new features and improvements
  • 1110 commits in the repository - more than a half of all

We have done our best to deliver you a modern Content Management System and a powerful Content Management Framework. The most significant changes are:

  • Easy installation and automated updates.
  • Modularization allows you to choose modules and extensions you want and put away those you don't.
  • WYSIWYG and search engine optimizations out of the box.
  • CoTemplate 2.5 with nested logical blocks and callbacks support, better performance.
  • Skins are now called Themes. Modules + Plugins = Extensions. Extensions provide fallback templates, so you don't need to redefine all the templates in your theme.
  • PDO database layer, several useful Developer APIs, refactored code which means that extension development is now 30% more productive.

For more information please visit Release Notes page.

As you can see, the status of the 0.9 branch is currently "testing". It means that it is not yet recommended for large production sites, but is fine for smaller ones, for new projects or to start using the new system to migrate in future. The 0.6 branch has the "stable" status and will be supported at least until 0.9 becomes "stable" and all sites are safe to migrate to it.

Currently the number of plugins available for Siena is limited. The APIs have changed a lot, so a "porting" procedure is required for plugins to work with the new version. We would like to encourage plugin developers to start porting their plugins to Siena. If you don't want to wait you can try running the old plugins with the Genoa compatibility plugin enabled, but this is for your own risk.

I would like to thank all the developers who have contributed during these 20 months, including those who had left our Team before their work was finally adopted. And those who continue supporting us and making our beloved Cotonti system and community better day by day.

Announcing Cotonti Union ver. 1.o.O 2011-04-01

Cotonti Development Team is proud to announce you the recent changes in our project roadmap. We have made an important decision about the next major branch which is now called "Union 1.o.O" instead of "Renaissance 1.0.0".

The word "Union" in its name means that the new system is a combination of all features currently present in Cotonti and such popular open source content management systems as WordPress, Joomla, MODx and Drupal. It also means that Cotonti switches its license from BSD to GPLv3. The compatibility is established both on database level and system behavior. For example, you will be able to install Drupal modules and Wordpress plugins and combine them with Joomla templates. Such amazing abilities are made possible by our new revolutionary technology called "Cotonti Site Cloud" which automatically maintains a cloud of different CMS systems and provides the end user an abstract service from all of them.

The "1" in the name means that it will be the CMS №1 in the world, the ultimate CMS. Meanwhile "o.O" stands for "object.ORIENTED", which indicates that the new system has been written from scratch in pure OO. Inspired by Ruby On Rails, Django, Yii and ASP.NET, the new "object.ORIENTED" development framework follows the most modern trends in web development: automatic code generator tool, YAML data model descriptions, visual component editor written in HTML5, AJAX comet client-server communication and lots more.

Will your new Cotonti Unity 1.o.O site work fast still? Yes! The new platform comes with an optimizing binary compiler, which keeps track of machine code being executed on the site and thus creates a binary image of the system originally written in Ruby. Oh, haven't I mentioned that? Yes, the new system is written from scratch in Ruby, except for the actual PHP CMS containers which are kept in the "Cotonti Site Cloud" as they are.

P.S.: if you are still reading, Siena 0.9.0 is finally coming on April 4th. Have a nice beta testing weekend before that!

New site layout and 0.6.14 update 2011-03-01

Surprise! You might not expect it, but we have changed layout of this site. And it is not just layout, we have converted this entire site to the latest beta of Cotonti Siena, reorganized Downloads a bit and there are more changes planned. During the next several days we will be fixing bugs which appear here and there after the site upgrade, tweaking things and converting some plugins to Siena. Then we are going to reorganize the Documentation section and enable content internationalization there. And the brand new core/extension repository will be deployed within next few months.

This is also a good chance for us to fix the last bugs before 0.9.0 final release which is scheduled on 15th. Right now you can update your Genoa site to 0.6.14 or try an hourly beta build of Siena.