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#1 2012-12-06 09:25

I have created a plugin that is similar to a shop. You can transform a list category to the place where users can select and add pages/products to a basket-like page. In my case, it's just used to print a pdf of a marketing offer and send it to client by mail (the website consists of product pages)

So far it features:

- a basket (session and mysql based)
- a personalized PDF print of summary of items
- extra fields for "orders" in basket (you can add the fields like "Client", "Address" etc.)
- archiving, deleting, copying, "orders".
- Sending the pdf file to a given email address

Maybe you'd like me to transform it into a shop plugin? If yes, what features would you expect?

#2 2012-12-07 01:17

I believe the most requested feature would be some sort of checkout integrated. Paypal for example has powerful API's to handle that process.

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#3 2012-12-07 12:47

I think it would be good to share existing work (if you are able) to users and developers can use it «as is». And than extended it with requested features (it it'll be) as extended version (with slightlydifferent name, like PluginName2 or PluginNameEx).
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#4 2012-12-10 10:06

Okay, sounds good, but my current work is quite dirty with hardcoded Polish messages. I'll localize it and publish in a day or two.

#5 2012-12-10 15:54

it would be great to see and test!

#6 2012-12-11 11:23

I like the features as how you have it already. Just a thought I had, could it also be used to sent for example a temprary downloadlink to a client after he/she selected the digital products he/she wanted?

But yes, even converting this into a working shop module would be very welcome. In the past I was planning to get a Cotonti shop but I guess the author of it scrapped it so I used OScommerce for it in the end. A little less advenced but still good working shop system would offer many possibilities.

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#7 2012-12-11 19:44

Im currently working on a shop module also. I was wondering if anyone knew much about Paypals IPNs? I understand how to add completed purchases to the database but I am more interested in doing other database queries depending on the item. For example premium membership, etc.

#8 2012-12-12 09:31

Okay, today in the late evening I'll post what I have (localized) and then I will start converting it into shop plugin. I'm a bit busy nowadays but I'll post it as fast as I can.

@lukgoh - I didn't touch paypal, I'm more into local means of payment. Paypal isn't widely used in my country

@foxhound - I think the download link wouldn't be much of a problem, especially because I have seen some snippets of code that deal with it. (old Genoa shop plugin)

Added 1 days later:

Sorry to keep you waiting, I lost my time playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 online ^^ I'll try to upload it today ;)

Added 22 hours later:

Here it is:

I hope I localized it right.

It adds pages into customized "offers" in so called "basket".

You have to add tags to page.list.tpl (form up, form down and a checkbox inside page list loop), and also to display a link to "basket", add {PHP.basket()} tag somewhere. It will appear once at least one page will be saved (and so one offer will be added). The plugin should be active for users with Write access to it.

The offer can have extrafields. There can be one "active/being edited" offer at a time. Other than that, the status of the offer can be either archived or printed.


- it's ui_datetime plugin ready, but the date filter to work requires the date to be insert in Y-m-d format and also ui_datetime set to "global mode"
- there's a lot to configure in this plugin, see config. Turn off SMTP if you want to send regular emails
- things to customize:



Added 4 days later:

So, do you find it helpful? :)

I think that Lukgoh is developing a shop module, I won't be changing this plugin.

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