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#1 2011-02-03 11:52

Hello, my name is Dyllon and i have been around for quite a while. I started back in the LDU days, and progressed to Seditio, and now Cotonti. I have created plenty of plugins, core hacks, and i can practically do anything to cotonti.


BHS Design - Team Member - (profile)
Web Design Database - Team Member
Neocrome - Contributor - (profile)


Seditio - Account Management
    the account management was a standalone plugin for users to have an overview of everything they can do with their accounts, all in one area.
Seditio - Forum Shop
    the forum shop originated from one of my first plugins i called post points. the idea was implemented on BHS Design, known as activity points, in which users are awarded points for their activity on the website. The forum shop system took it further to allow users to purchase items, and use their points to interact with the website.
(CORE HACK) Seditio - Global Forum Posts
    every popular forum system has a global announcement feature, which i felt the CMS lacked.. bringing forth global forum posts.
There is so much more to list, but i cant find any of the links to my work. I have been out of the game recently, so i do not have many releases for cotonti; however, by viewing my website ( you can get a good idea on my skill sets with cotonti.

Skill Set

Overall i can do nearly anything related to cotonti. Skin conversions are cake, plugins are simple, core hacks im all over it, and restructuring i can do.

Prices & Payments

I only accept paypal, and as for prices you can review my prices listed on my website. ( if you have any further inquiries or in depth question you can contact me via my websites Contact us section, or by email:
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