Page namespace

Function Summary
cot_generate_pagetagsReturns all page tags for coTemplate
cot_page_addAdds a new page to the CMS.
cot_page_authReturns permissions for a page category.
cot_page_config_orderPossible values for category sorting order
cot_page_deleteRemoves a page from the CMS.
cot_page_enumGenerates page list widget
cot_page_importImports page data from request parameters.
cot_page_statusDetermines page status
cot_page_syncRecalculates page category counters
cot_page_updateUpdates a page in the CMS.
cot_page_updatecatUpdate page category code
cot_page_validateValidates page data.
cot_readrawReads raw data from file
Global Summary
COT_LISTPage list
COT_PAGESPage module main
dbPage API
extension_structurePage module
extra_whitelistPage module
idAdd page.
trash_typesTrash can support for pages
usrPage display.