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#1 2017-06-08 17:11

If you continue to update, we have to talk about security.

#2 2017-06-19 16:57

For any security issues you can mail me via PM or GMAIL (macik.spb@).
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#3 2017-10-02 14:08

This one is most frequently updated... Is is dead? I mean CMS project. Can one advice another CMS to be used?

#4 2017-10-09 20:55

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#5 2018-01-04 13:09


Also very important question my side about future plans of CMF Cotonti. 

I'm running a project based on this CMF (freelance), so, what is future plans ? It's closed and now everyone can update whatever he wants, or you are planning to release a new version?

If it's closed and nothing will be updated from your side, can you make an annoucement? Because in this case, I would like to investigate market to another solution, and compare what is better for me, hire a developer who will re-write half of Cotonti core,logic or hire to develop totally new project.


For Russian users, Для русско говорящих.

Для меня тоже важен вопрос, что случилось с Cotonti? Она жива и Вы планируете что-то, или все таки проект мертв и теперь каждый в свободном плавание?

Для меня это важно, так как у меня проект фриланс биржи на Cotonti. Пока еще все ок, но боюсь, рано ли поздно, версия просто будет устаревшая и тут появится вопрос, что дешевле:

искать программиста, который будет переписывать ядро и логику Cotonti или же искать кто разработает под ключь другой проект.

Но очень хотелось бы, что-бы Cotonti жила

#6 2018-01-05 08:28

«Freelance» is a stand alone software based on Cotonti CMF (in general it's a bunch of extensions + own theme and install script). As I know it's no longer supported by general maintainer. 

CMF Cotonti is supported now at least on «bugfix» level. 

Nevertheless, both of it is a open source software. So any suggestion, fixes, enchanchments from the community are welcome.


As about «re-write half of Cotonti core,logic» — it's based on your final needs. Cotonti is quite flexible system even in current state and allow to extend a lot of its own without need to rewrite core.
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