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#1 2015-06-04 11:50

I am working on implementing the recent items plugin (this plugin comes with Sienna by default) on my new website but I am getting some weird results with it and I dont really understand why.

The recent items plugin comes with pagination but it seems this pagination is only available for the forums.
With that I mean if you have added 10 pages today and set max items to show on the standalone page to "1" for example there will not be a pagination to view all 10 new pages
If you create 10 new topics todays and set max items to show on the standalone page to "1" for example there will be a pagination to view all 10 new topics.

If you view only the recent pages you get no pagination (so you can not see all 10 pages), if you view only the forums you will get pagination to view all 10 topics.
If you view the "all" page you will also get pagination (but, the pagination is only there if there are at least more new topics than the set number of max items per page). If you have less new topics than the max items per page but you do have more pages than there will not be pagination.

I have been going over the code but I get the feeling to make it work the whole plugin needs to be updated so you get seperate pagination, one for the pages, one for the forums and one for both?
Anyone knows whats up with this?



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I did also test this on a whole new fresh website (latest Sienna version) and it happens on the latest version too.

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#2 2015-06-04 13:27 - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#3 2015-06-04 13:55

Pointing me to another plugin to "fix" my issue is of course a bit useless.

The pagelist plugin is for pages, not for the forums and guess why I use the recent items plugin.......I want to list the recent topics.
Sure, I can of course run both but that still does not fix a plugin which comes with the Cotonti CMS by default. Including a partially working plugin in the default install is not really usefull IMHO.


Anyway, like always thank you very much for your help Kort!

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#4 2015-06-05 15:45

Frankly, both recent items & news are crap. If the recent pages part is not working correctly, you can use pagelist to just save time. Building a simple recent posts plugin is also an option. Send me an email if you need one (with reqs). - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#5 2015-06-06 09:39

You are saying I am even better off using the pagelist plugin to output news on my homepage? Can I be so free to ask why? As far as I can tell the news plugin does actually work properly or maybe I am missing something?

Yeah, I will sent you a PM in the next days. Maybe we can do some more stuff :)

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#6 2015-06-07 08:14

You can do whatever you like. Still, pagelist is much easier to customize and has alot more options. Just one example: try to output news from 2 root categories using the news plug. Or blacklist news posts by an extrafield value, or use it globally, or random sort items, or top viewed items, or build a paginated blog - you name it. - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
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#7 2015-06-08 12:42

Yes, in that sense I agree with you. Luckely my news does not need to be that advanced so for me the default news plugin does the job.
And yes, I am using the pagelist plugin all over the place of my new site to create cool lists and features. I tried something else with it but thats a question for another topic. :)

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