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#1 2012-08-25 14:34

I am adding ratings to my pages but no matter what I try the ratings just do not display as how they should.
By default you should see some stars which you can press to select your rating, right? Or maybe a vote button? I dont know cause nemesis does not come with working ratings and neither does symisun-03.
However, all I see are radio buttons with a number in front of it (that is the avarage rating, I guess eeeing the tag). When I allow users to change their vote the stars show but there is no way to change the rating since you can still not submit it.

What I have done:
- Added the tags to the page.tpl
- Enabled the plugin

This did give me non working ratings, so I:
- added the tpl's + the css to a plugin folder in my themes folder and in the configuration enabled plugin css.
This too did not work so I added the tags to the symisun-03 skin to see if that works:
- no, also there the ratings do not show correctly. Just a radio buttons without possibility to vote. And when changed in the config to allow people to change their vote the stars show, but still no way to vote.

I have tried including the css in my main css. Did not work.
I tried adding the javascript to my header. Did not help (and should also not be done at all as I found in other threads).
I tried adding the tags to different parts of my tpl to see if my page layout did prevent me from seeing the vote button or whatever. Did not help.
I reinstalled the plugin. Did not help.

Here is my tpl:

			<div class="block_head">
				<div class="block_head_right">
					<div class="block_head_left">
			<div class="block_content wrapper spacer">
				<div class="block_footer_left">
					<div class="block_footer_right">
						<div class="boxes line_height">
							<div class="smaller">
								<div class="combox">
									<div class="left strong">{PAGE_COMMENTS_COUNT} {}:</div><div class="right"><a href="{PAGE_COMMENTS_RSS}"><img src="themes/{PHP.theme}/img/rss-icon.png" border="0" alt="" /></a>  {PAGE_COMMENTS}</div>

Anyone has any idea what it is that I am doing wrong. I am trying to get this to work since yesterday and must have spend like 5 hours on just this (2 bloody tags and a plugin to enable). I had enough of it so I continue with other things but it amazes me I can not get it to properly work.

Added 23 hours later:

Hmmm, I guess nobody knows how to get the ratings to show, might explain why they are not present anywhere (I even checked some custom themes).

Anyway, I saw I forgot to mention I am trying to get this working on Sienna 0.9.11.

Added 2 weeks later:

I never was able to fix it but today I was working on the new site again and wondered why also my ajax was not working even though I enabled it on site. So, when using pagination the page would reload and moving to the next page. That is not correct behaviour since when using Ajax the page should not reload completely.

So, I dug myself in it again and after 2 more hours of searching and thinking I suddenly saw what I did wrong.
I enabale the default jquery library in my Themes folder, default Cotonti already comes with the default jquery library activated inside the JS folder (in the root).
So, I had 2 versions of that running, I disabled the one in my skins folder and both my ratings issue and my not correctly working pagination issues are gone.

I am very happy now even though I feel stupid. I wasited so many hours on such a simple mistake cheeky
But, I am sure at some point someone else has the same issue so I think sharing what i did wrong may help others to prevent from doing the same.

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#2 2012-09-06 11:26

Thanks for sharing.

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