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#1 2012-04-28 17:10

Hi cotonti friends..

I currently am creating a simple gallery with use of the page multi avatar plugin. Works perfectly!
However, I discovered that the page multi avatar plugin only handles 19 attachments to a page *when set to 20 pictures*. What parts must I change to get this number to 26 (so it will display 25 pictures)? (For some reason it displays one less that what you can edit on the admin page)

Or can the default package be edited to display more than 19 pcitures, whichever comes in handier for the community..

Example can be found on:


thx for ur help!

#2 2012-04-28 17:20

php have some limits

for example maxuploadfiles - every file field is for file. If you gave 20+ files - system will read only 20 first

I think - I will rewrite my plug and remade upload system/ and add ajax upload ))) - мой маленький зарождающийся блог о котонти.
снижение стоимости программирования и снижение стоимости производства разные вещи. Первое можно скорее сравнить с раздачей работникам дешевых инструментов, чем со снижением зарплаты
#3 2012-04-28 17:55

That would be so cool esclkm.. thank you!

But again esclkm, if you set it to 20, it will only do 19, etc. I truly wonder why that is :) so if you want to/could explain that to me..

Added 1 week later:

btw, how do you call upon the generated thumbnails?

Added 3 hours later:

nvr mind..

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