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use a users DB which uses MS SQL

#1 2011-08-24 15:43

Hey guys,

I have decided to use Cotonti Genoa as a tool for managing user-submitted documents on multiple websites. However, there is one problem that needs resolved and that is my game (and subsequent SDK) relies on MS SQL at the moment for database entries, and not MySQL. What I was planning was to have all related websites and services share a common users database so sites running on Cotonti can connect to the game users database and thus login to the Cotonti powered site using the same credentials as the game, without having to register again. The reason for this is because I am creating a community driven site which will allow players to write content related to the software, and be rewarded for doing so. I came up with a few solutions, such as rewriting queries that I use for my SDK so they work with MySQL. Although a big job (Mainly due to the amount of queries), it is structured so everything is easily accessible and organized, so it's a potential solution. However, I am curious to see if it would be easier (ie. faster) to modify Cotonti instead of the SDK.


So with that said, how difficult would it be to make Cotonti connect to a MS SQL database and use that Users table instead of the Cotonti users table? Everything else will use the Cotonti's MySQL tables (Pages, forums, etc)


Thanks ^^