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#1 2010-03-19 04:51
I am working on pfs stuff...

But I wonder. Should there be a field called "public file"
Now you can set folders public, but NOT files..

I want to make a file browser to browse to other users's (public) files and use them
in an article(s)... NOW I can only do that with "My files".

So a plugin called something like "file browser" :)

Is this an idea ???
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#2 2010-03-20 20:41
if i understood the idea correctly i think this plugin would be mostly for admins to look after users PFS's,but you can do this another way just by opening the PFS from the markitup and change the id number ...
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#3 2010-03-20 22:45
No that was not the idea... (no admin tool)

The idea is to share files for all users...
And so that they can use all files from all users.

When writing an article, you can add pictures or files from your own Files (My Files)
But you cannot browse through all files and folders (every user).
But if we are sharing stuff with each other, then an option called "public file" should be available when uploading a file... (so that it can be browsed and used by others).

So with one field extra in pfs and a plugin that can browse and use files from others..

Is this available somewhere ??? (On some sites I would love to have this...)
(They want to share commonly used images for example)
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#4 2010-03-21 01:10
Sharing files between users is a very good idea and something I had in mind to implement in PFS v2. Personally I'm not a big fan of setting rights per file, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, rights-per-file will unnecessarily bloat the DB and decrease usability (too much options can be a bad thing). Secondly, I think putting files in the root is a bad practice, so setting rights per folder will encourage the usage of folders.

In general, rights per folder is sufficient and will ensure compatibility with older versions of Cotonti.

Optionally, you could support true RWA rights on folders, for more flexibility. I recommend using the existing Cotonti rights system for this.

For a project management site I've developed a public file browser which shows all user's public files, as well as all files in the root for each user: