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#1 2009-12-17 03:17
Hello, I need a plugin for my website.

I'm willing to pay for the plugin.
Contact me via
Aim: icemanxzero
xfire: icemanx

Well pretty much what i need is a plugin in which i had a checklist, and then each user could view their own check list, almost like a log. like a training log for each person and they can mark off their own check list what is completed and admin can of course edit it. almost like a fighter profile
So i guess it would look like this
Admin -> creates global check list
ex. Training Log
Lead Punch ... Trained y/n
Side Kick ... Trained y/n
Users -> can fill out their own personal list
also would like to have custom fields in which i can enter questions and the users can put the answers... like i want a fighter profile i can give you more details and work out and draw up exactly everything if you choose to
and then the plugin would be able to be accesed like this
it will list the users and you can click their name and view their logs, and they can edit their own logs and bio info
something like that
#2 2009-12-17 23:17
i actually cant help you atm with your offer, but i do have the question where you get the skin semisun?

i tought it wasnt avaible yet? altough, this is the second site who is using the skin somehow?
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#3 2009-12-17 23:42
Thanks anyway, its on the front page when we were voting,