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Post your commercial profile here

#1 2009-05-21 00:25
This topic is here to help developers, skinmakers and other specialists to promote themselves and let the employers know that they are available for hire.

A profile may contain:
  • Some details about yourself
  • Services you provide (required)
  • Your skills
  • Prices, conditions, etc.
  • Payment methods (required)
  • Example works

To post a profile you should be known to the community well enough (e.g. have at least 20 posts, have plugins in Downloads section, etc.) so that people may trust you. All posts considered SPAM, flame, flood and offtopic will be removed. If you need to ask a person, send him or her a Private Message. You can update your profile by editing it any time. Don't bump the topic with your personal updates. You can also inform about your current availability, current projects and publish a short portfolio (links to top 10 of your works).

Your services must be related to Cotonti.
May the Source be with you!

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