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We need your opinion

#1 2009-03-27 07:40
Would you like to see the use of Ajax technology to the admin part of cotonti?

Please write your opinion ;-)
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#2 2009-03-27 14:32
I dont. Or if so, should be done properly. This is not proper.

Everybody is excited about AJAX, but the truth is it is used very weak way. And every topic about AJAX, I write this post, nobody seems to get the point. I'm not opposed to AJAX, I'm opposed to use it in core. If Cotonti was a CMS it could be, but we offer maximum portability and configurability, AJAx (more likely xmlhttp function here) is blocking it.

And if it has to be used in core, at least lets use it on parts like deleting datas listed in rows, columns, or updating datas, not adding new datas (which simply loads whole page again, it is just POINTLESS)
#3 2009-03-27 16:21
If we continue adding AJAX everywhere we can easily change name Cotonti to Ajaxonti.

Leave the core Ajax-less like you did with JQuery UI.

The better way to handle this would definitely be creating AJAX modules for administration which could easily be downloaded from here and turned on/off by site administrator anytime.

We have more serious things to do instead of making everything look nicer by using as much ajax and jquery as possible.

So I vote NO.
#4 2009-03-28 14:53
It would be really useful if optional and done "the right way". Just dropping it without any conversation was a bold gesture. If the work as done in improper way, it should be corrected rather than declined.

What needs to be done to make it properly:
  • Remove $onclick and $object arguments sed_pagination() и sed_pagination_pn(). Event handlers should be composed and binded to this event via jquery Events on document ready ($(document).ready), having chosen the pagination links with jquery Selectors. Probably, it will require some pagination data supplied via additional arguments or JS variables in the pagination block, but in in the event handler attribute.
  • Id is not always required to get a specific element. If document structure allows you to identify an element unambiguously with a Selector, it is reasonable to do it without an extra id attribute.
  • The other thing is much more difficult and is "improper use" of AJAX itself. The rule is: refresh only that data which has been changed. Generally the client script has to keep in mind what exactly is being changed, the server must return just the updated data (data but not display) in JSON or XML format; display changes are applied by client (e.g. replace div contents or add another input). The compromise solution is updating a part of a template which is being changed, but not the entire page (even if it has its header and footer off).

  • If I have missed some point, write it below. As the work on AJAX implementation was launched a while ago, stopping it all and saying "no-no, it must be done with fancy candy plugins" is unfair at least because there is no support for such plugins in the core (just think over the point 3). So I'd like it to be corrected regarding to this TODO list and see the task assignees here.

    It is not just limited to Admin but will affect other areas too.
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    #5 2009-03-28 19:58
    OK, taken back as if it is never happened.