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Cotonti is an Open Source Project, and is supported by community and team contributions. We have decided to open donations, to allow for users who enjoy using Cotonti and wish to contribute to help out. We have no minimum donation limit, and any donations are considered as equally important to us as the next. So we appreciate any and all donations.

Donations will go to support Cotonti, such as Web Hosting, or development of new things. There are also some possible plans to use funds to support the creation of a new wonderful default skin, as well as some possible contests!.

The Cotonti Team thanks you for your support!

Cotonti Team accepts PayPal donations from guest, as well as members, so just as a notice. That registered members donations are tracked by their user. But if you choose to continue your donation will be listed here as Anonymous, but donations are still tracked cumulatively via your PayPal email you paid with.

You can also donate using InterKassa payments service:
Donate with InterKassa Здесь находится аттестат нашего WM идентификатора 209172694276

Last 5 Donations (PayPal)

1-15-14 Anonymous $ 40
1-9-14 elfrenazo $ 50
12-25-13 Anonymous $ 10
10-26-13 elfrenazo $ 10
7-27-13 elfrenazo $ 15

Top 5 Donations (PayPal)

2-21-10 indz $ 50
1-5-11 ToM $ 50
5-21-09 indz $ 50
10-14-09 Mynt $ 50
8-21-11 inkerman $ 50

Top 5 Donations Totals (PayPal)

CCCDev $ 175
indz $ 150
elfrenazo $ 75
Yusupov $ 74
Twiebie $ 65

List of all donators (PayPal)

Lombi,, chobblr, indz, DemptD, foxhound, CorpQuid, unleashed, Mynt, iRoNiZeR, Macik, GHengeveld, Kingsley, CCCDev, Yusupov, Heater, ToM, Trustmaster, Twiebie, inkerman, Goral, elfrenazo