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Cotonti güvenlik, hız ve esneklik odaklı açık kaynak içerik yönetim sistemidir.

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Cotonti, içerik yönetim sistemlerinin özelliklerini ve framework sistemlerinin esnek yapısını birlikte sunar . Kullanıcı hesapları, dosya yönetimi, sayfa yönetimi ve topluluk araçları gibi bir çok özelliği olmasına rağmen, basit modül ve eklenti yapısı ile sitenizi kolaylıkla geliştirebilirsiniz. Cotonti kendine özgü tema motoru sayesinde programcı olmasanız bile hızlı ve yorulmadan öğrenmenizi sağlar.

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  • Hızlı ve Hafif
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  • Uluslararası dil yapısına sahip


Genoa 0.6.21 is available2012-01-15

What's new:

  • CoTemplate 2.7.2 backported from Cotonti Siena (supports FOR loops and fixes a bug in expressions).
  • Sites can run on custom HTTP ports other than 80.
  • All page TPL-tags are available in tag search results (tags plugin).
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Happy New Year 2012!2011-12-31

Cotonti Team and Community wishes you all the best in the New Year 2012. We have prepared some presents which could be useful for you in the upcoming year:

And guess what? TPL Tags Repository is back online, supporting both Siena and Genoa branches simultaneously!

2012 is going to be a great year for Cotonti project: it will reach v1.0.0, grow stability, documentation, the number of long awaited extensions and new themes. Let it be a great year for you too!

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Siena 0.9.6 released2011-12-05

We continue improving Siena branch on our way to 1.0.0 release. What's new in 0.9.6:

  • CoTemplate 2.7 with FOR loops
  • Page drafts
  • Rightless user groups (more lightweight)
  • jQuery 1.7.1
  • Debug mode for hooks
  • Over 10 other enhancements
  • Over 25 bugs fixed

For more information please visit Release notes.

You might notice that we had a poll a while ago to pick the best name for 1.0.x branch. The name of Valencia has been the most popular. However, at Cotonti Team we decided to continue using Siena as the name for 1.0.x branch for 2 obvious reasons: a) 1.0.x is fully compatible with 0.9.x; b) rebranding is quite an expensive thing. So we will use those wonderful names of Avila and Valencia later when it is really time for a new branch name.

Another message from Cotonti headquarters: the developers have shifted their focus from development of new features to stabilization of Siena code, improvements in extension repository and documentation writing. Your input in this direction is highly appreciated.

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Cotonti Developer Tools 1.32011-10-05

Did you know that a GUI tool for generating Cotonti extensions from templates and converting plugins from Genoa to Siena exists? Now you do. The program is available in English and Russian and has some powerful wizards which will automate some tasks for extension developers and experimenters.

Cot Dev Tools 1.2 screenshot

System requirements: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

Download: from developer's site.

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Siena 0.9.5 and Genoa 0.6.20 are available2011-10-02

Both stable and testing branches have been updated recently. What's new in Siena 0.9.5:

  • Fixed all the bugs we have found in 0.9.4 during a month.
  • Improvements in SEF URLs, i18n, JS/CSS consolidation.
  • Performance has been optimized so that Siena is now faster than Genoa.
  • A lot more, see full list on Download page.

Genoa 0.6.20 just reverts page_text field back to non-mandatory status and... brings CoTemplate 2.6.3 from Siena branch. Enjoy!

Plugin conversion campaign results are now available.

As Siena is now just a few releases from stable 1.0.0, the big announcement of 1.x to 2.0 Roadmap is expected soon. Stay tuned!

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