Cotonti / Open Source PHP Content Management FrameworkContent Management Framework

Cotonti is a powerful open-source web development framework and content manager with a focus on security, speed and flexibility.

Why choose Cotonti?

Cotonti combines the flexibility of a web framework with the rapid deployability and featureset of a content management system. Despite having features such as user accounts, content creation, file management and community tools out of the box, it can be easily extended using modules or plugins. Cotonti is powered by its own template engine which is both fast and easy to learn, even if you are not an experienced programmer.

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Major features

  • Open source, community driven
  • Secure and reliable
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Modular and extensible
  • Layout separated from logic
  • Fast and easy template engine
  • Internationalized


Cotonti Genoa 0.6.1 released!2009-07-31

As you can see we have changed versions a bit, so that now Genoa branch is 0.6.x and Renaissance is 1.0.x. We hope it causes no confusion and lets you know we are not so far from 1.0 as it was supposed before.

This release solves most problems which were found in 0.0.6 (which in fact was 0.6.0, that is why so many changes and so much confusion). Now your Cotonti site should run much smoother.

What's new in this version:
  • New version checking admin.php (will notify you of Cotonti Updates)
  • XTemplate 2.1 with structure cache and better compatibility with 1.0
  • Support for multiple ratings on the same page
  • A button to select all PMs
  • Radio buttons for extra fields and a few extra fields improvements
  • BBcode editor for user text in user profiles
  • Fixed bugs with: XTemplate, FTP links, extra fields, user birthdates in future, category structure sorting, referers, polls, news and more
  • Code optimization and more caching to improve performance
Visit Download page and update as soon as possible.

Other good news is that Cotonti Skin Competition will stay open for a bit longer. Works are accepted up to the end of August. The voting week is from September 1st and the results are coming on 8th.
1 | Author: Trustmaster

Cotonti Server Move2009-07-27

First off if your seeing this your DNS has propagated to the new site!

I know this move was a kinda ninja and stealthy, but its for the best!

The team had some slight advanced notice of upcoming move but not when. Previously we was hosted on my shared host, but clearly we have outgrown that, and sometimes having long sql/execution times related to the server. So thanks to Trustmaster, we are on his dedicated server which is located in Germany/Frankfurt.

So there should be much improved performance with executions and such and no worries of a bloated server.

Some people may see improved access speeds and download speeds. Hopefully no one has any decreased speeds due to a new server location.

Sorry if we caused any inconvenience.

Thanks and Enjoy!
2 | Author: Kilandor

Cotonti Skin Competition2009-07-20

Cotonti is an agile website engine with rich history and new capabilities arising every release. We like it for its clarity, reliability and speed. But how about more unique layouts available? Let's give this CMS a fresh look and handy controls!

You can do that by entering the skinning contest in 2 nominations at once. First one is web vote: visitors will vote for their favorites and top 3 skins will get a bunch of dollars in addition to their titles. The second nomination is jury prize: if you win it, your skin will become a new default layout of Cotonti with your name and a link to your site shown at the bottom of thousands of pages online!

If you are not a skin maker but would like to support this contest and new skins to emerge, you can make a donation which will be added to the prize.

For more details please visit Cotonti Skin Competition Terms page.
If you have some questions, feel free to ask them in Contest thread on forums.

Submission is open from July 20 to August 20. Then there will be a week for a web vote. Hurry up!
2 | Author: Trustmaster

Midsummer release - Cotonti Genoa 0.0.62009-07-16

Welcome to the seaport of Genoa, your transit station before Renaissance! This intermediate branch will help you to migrate from legacy Genesis to magnificent Renaissance without storms and rolling. It includes many patches originally made for Renaissance but keeps the same structure and behavior in general.

Here are the important changes in this release:
  • Skinable Administration area with hooks and AJAXeffects.
  • PHP 5.3 compatibility.
  • XTemplate 2.0 with logic blocks and vast performance improvements.
  • Removed annoying redirections, messages and errors breaking the normal workflow.
  • Search plugin v3.10 and improved Tags search.
  • More pagination and custom settings for it.
  • Improved PM usability.
  • Validation queue improvements and user-editable contents.
  • Comments/ratings enable/disable for exact categories.
  • Improved user management and profile security.
  • Reorganized language files.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs, including security flaws.
  • A vast number of small improvements.

More than 80 tickets closed in this release overall, see Trac report for more details.

Download page
TplTags updated in Genoa 0.0.6

It's been quite a rash race, so we need to take some restful days in this Genoa harbor to ensure that our ship is capable of reaching Renaissance. We assume that Renaissance will be delayed for a month or two more, while we focus on community support, plugin development and documentation. So, Mr. Bond is approaching you soon, hold on!
7 | Author: Trustmaster

Web Server Change2009-06-09

Just as a notice give or take within 72 hours(or so) my account is being moved to another server. I only know that its supposedly due to performance/stability. I assume with the server and not related to us.

So there could be some downtime though I hope not. Its supposed to be an emergency move, so I did get a upgrade on my account because of it (Woo unlimited storage/bw, (cough as if I needed it)).

But as of right now thats all I know. Hopefully no problems will arise.

Update: Its just the normal server move they planned to new hardware, although they made it sound like something urgent/bad happened.
1 | Author: Kilandor