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Alternative admin panel and icons



-    Light, solid version
-    Correcting all icons
-    Fix all bug

Version compatibility: Cotonti 0.9.5+

-    Download and unpack files into the folder 'themes/admin/'
-    Open file 'datas/config.php' and set $cfg['admintheme'] = 'newstyle';
-    Login to the admin panel, and enjoy!

Special Thanks:  Adminizio (Graber)

1. dragonzap  16.01.2012 20:16

Thanks: 0

It have some core modification!


- Change lots icons and and move system/admin/img to images/default
- wrong css path


- system/admin/img full cleaning
- font based icons ( color predictability ) 
- admin style pfs manager
- modern and easily pfs manager


pls. help with good idea:)

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