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Recent news for May 2010

First make sure to update a few files in your Cotonti Genoa installations, because we have released 0.6.8 with a few minor fixes.

Get details and download Cotonti Genoa 0.6.8

Despite the fact Siena is behind the schedule due to amount of work and developer inactivity this Spring, we have made some important decisions and there are some news that haven't been announced before:
  1. The release is scheduled on Summer, currently the date is set on August 1st. The reason is that developer activity will increase in Summer and we will also need some time to test and fix critical bugs.
  2. The version number will be 0.9 instead of 0.7. And it is more than just a version number: 0.9 means that most major core and API changes that have been planned for 1.0 will be done in Siena. Therefore there will be massive changes from 0.6 (with migration tools and compatibility layer for existing Genoa installations provided), but afterwards the API won't change significantly until 1.5 or 2.0. We have made this decision because community members claim that it is easier to make big changes to their plugins once rather than doing it smaller portions every few months.
  3. Cotonti will use HTML as primary markup language and will come with HTML purifier and WYSIWYG-capable editor. BBcode and other markup parsers and editors will still be supported at secondary level.

1. donP  18.05.2010 16:29

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Good and bad news together...

The good:
HTML as primary markup language (with HTML purifier) and WYSIWYG-capable editor.

The bad:
Massive changes from 0.6 in core & API changes (I'm thinking to my dozens of personal-made plugins that are fundamental for my community website and wich I'll have to rewrite from scratch).

Considering these factors I'd be glad if we can have the good one (HTML) in a first step, in some days, and the "bad" one (core & API changes) when Siena 0.9 would be finally released...

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