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error cotonti website

#1 07.08.2013 07:10

Notice: Couldn't resolve host 'api.github.com' in /htdocs/plugins/githubinfo/githubinfo.index.php on line 50

#2 07.08.2013 12:40

Fixed that, thanks.

May the Source be with you!
#3 02.10.2013 17:08

Is it still alive? Was out of sitemastering for a while, now need to create new site - wondering if cotonti is still alive or not.

#4 02.10.2013 17:09

Yes, it is alive. It isn't so actively developed as before but there is some new stuff being released in Plugins section mostly.

May the Source be with you!
#5 02.10.2013 20:58

It's not as active anymore as it used to be, but it's certainly still alive.
There's a group of good people still actively busy with Cotonti.

Give it a go, the more the merrier! ;)