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Let the user choose his prefered text composing method

#1 16.03.2013 19:45

I already have this idea for some time, but since there have been recent browser issues with the new ckeditor version it came to my attention again.

In forum software like SMF, a registered user is able to choose his prefered editor for composing new messages. This is something I definitely miss in cotonti from the beginning. In most cases I personally don't need a blowed message editor with all possible features, aspecially in forums and comment forms. If I need formating features, bbcode buttons like in the old markitup are good enough or even simple html. And as a blind user, simple text boxes are more accessible to my screen-reading software than complex browser apps, even if ckeditor is accessible in most parts.

As a matter of course this is only my personal opinion, but other users also might have special needs. So instead of one side wide editor I'd like to have my favorite editor selectable in user profile.


#2 18.03.2013 11:43

This feature is not so easy to implement, yet it is possible as a plug-in which you could install on sites where it's necessary.

Speaking of cotonti.com in particular and similar sites, I would prefer Markdown over HTML as it is more simple than bbcode and not so junky as HTML. We can start using markItUp with Markdown for new pages on this site at any time, but all our existing pages are in HTML and cannot be converted to markdown. The same is true for forum posts, except for the bigger problem: we cannot use several types of markup in forums at the same time, all posts must be in the same format. So we can't use markdown on forums.

May the Source be with you!
#3 18.03.2013 14:50

Yes, I already thought that running two systems siede-by-side isn't that easy. But what abut a solution like in wordpress? There it is possible to use a wysiwyg editor or a simple textbox with some formating buttons, both are html-based. When using the textbox, linebreaks and paragraphs are automatically converted into html, the rest is html syntax. This solution shouldn't be difficult to implement as no pages have to be converted to a new system.