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#1 06.02.2013 22:40



i was working on a project and needed a structure dropdown for a custom search plugin.. Then i noticed a problem about  the function cot_selectbox_structure

its 4th variable is subcat and it doesnt seem to have any effect on the function. it says it will only show the subcategory in list but it does nothing..

i tried it on page_add.tpl aswell and its still the same


{PAGEADD_FORM_CAT_SHORT} and {PAGEADD_FORM_CAT} returns the same thing.


can anyone confirm this so we can put it on github ?

Added 5 minutes later:

ok i found the problem :D

forms.php line 392

if ($display && !empty($subcat) && isset($structure[$extension][$subcat]) || !(empty($check)))


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#2 07.02.2013 08:14

A fix is highly appreciated :)

May the Source be with you!