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#1 11.12.2012 21:24

Is there a global Who's Online tag?  The skin i'm using has no real support for the header tag so I need to put in the index.tpl however using the {HEADER_WHOSONLINE} shows nothing in index.tpl

#2 11.12.2012 21:28

Link for 'who's online' : <a href="{PHP|cot_url('plug','e=whosonline')}">{PHP.out.whosonline}</a>

to show who's online: <!-- IF {PHP.out.whosonline_reg_list} -->:<br />{PHP.out.whosonline_reg_list}<!-- ENDIF -->

and the whole thing as a block:

<!-- IF {PHP.out.whosonline} -->
			<div class="block">
				<h2 class="online">{PHP.L.Online}</h2>
				<a href="{PHP|cot_url('plug','e=whosonline')}">{PHP.out.whosonline}</a>
				<!-- IF {PHP.out.whosonline_reg_list} -->:<br />{PHP.out.whosonline_reg_list}<!-- ENDIF -->
			<!-- ENDIF -->

which goes in your index.tpl 

#3 11.12.2012 21:29

awesome.  Thank you very much for the speedy reply.  +thanks

#4 11.12.2012 21:44

Your welcome.