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#1 08.12.2012 19:02

Currently developing a support ticket system for my own project and I was wondering if anyone else from the community would like to use it?



Added 1 minutes later:

Its still in development so these screen shots are obviously not final product.

Added 3 hours later:

Heres another example with a little style added...


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#2 09.12.2012 00:19

Looks great!

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#3 09.12.2012 00:52

when testing is needed..


#4 09.12.2012 01:34

my interest me

#5 09.12.2012 09:26

very good 

#6 10.12.2012 10:01

I'm very interested! :)

#7 10.12.2012 10:52

Thanks for the responses. I have to localise it and remove all styling (as I am using this for my own site) and finish the rest of the features before I can release it.

Currently you can assign a user group to a department so those users get notified on a new ticket. However I have not finished the notification side of it.

Only the customer can close the ticket, if a staff member closes the ticket the status changes to pending. If the customer replies it will automatically re-open the ticket unless they click the close ticket button.

And probably more I haven't thought about...


#8 10.12.2012 12:18

^^ Make it an admin option to close tickets? This way you prevent cluttering up the system with lists of pending tickets..

#9 10.12.2012 13:50

Yeah, just have to be careful people are not closing tickets on customers. This however is individuals problem so I will add this.

#10 10.12.2012 17:09

maybe add an expire system to it? E.g. after 1 month (config option?) inactivity a ticket automatically is concidered closed.

#11 11.12.2012 11:20

Very nice work, I like this a lot yes

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