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#1 13.11.2012 12:33

This plugin imports users from a csv file into Cotonti Siena (Siena after the recent security upgrade, not lower). It features checks for duplicate usernames and emails. It sends emails with links to activate or cancel account or can bypass sending emails and import users directly to Members usergroup, without sending emails.

Hope you like it.

Don't spam with it ;)

Userimport download

#2 13.11.2012 16:03

I'm testing it. Very good and very usefull.

Does you planned to load it to GitGub and making page in «files/extensions» on this site?

If you place it on Github, I can upload russian translation for it.


Seems working fine.  

Small bug - it duplicates last lines in sended Emails (with site title and link) - like this:

Best regards,

Cot98 - http://localhost/cot98

Cot98 - http://localhost/cot98


правильный хостинг — https://goo.gl/fjCa1F
#3 14.11.2012 08:03

Thanks for testing, I'll look into this bug. Seems like the last lines shouldn't be in default template - maybe cot_mail() attaches these lines by default?

Well, I think I can do this (add to github + plugins), at least I'll try :)

I just have to add a check for the correct CSV structure - if the incorrect file is submitted, it might generate ugly errors. After this addition, I can say it's a complete plugin. 

#4 31.07.2017 03:38

Hi there. I really hope you're still here.

I'm trying to uae this plugin, but every time I run an import, it kills my site. all javascripts stop working, placemarks and my custom scripts.


restoring just the db won't work, I have to restore all the files to make it work again. I tried deleting cache, but nothing helps.


also when it imports, it gives fatal error regarding phpmailer, but still sends an email.


Could you advise anything ? I really need to register a bunch of people.



Added 1 week later:

I figured out my problem, but I have another one, how do I force email from this plugin to be sent as HTMl ?



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