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#1 25.10.2012 22:12

i need to limit the amount of domains using my plugin or lets just say the package.. i dont want someone to take it and use it for another site.


i prefer free solutions but willing to pay some fee if i must

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#2 26.10.2012 00:55

You need some code encoder. 

Stealed from somewere in net (pretty old info, but it gives the direction for search): 

Source Defender
PHP Screw
Zend Encoder
PHTML Encoder
NIA Encoder

But it's not a all time solutions. All files can be decompiled with more or less time and knowledge.

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#3 26.10.2012 07:13

With an interpreted (not compiled) language like PHP it's difficult to prevent source code from spreading once it's been released. The encoding solutions provided by Macik attempt to obfuscate the source code so it becomes difficult to modify it. Then you can use some sort of serial code system to limit use.

My suggestion is to use a legal license which indicates the limited amount of domains your package may be used on. Some won't abide it, but I doubt it's worth the effort to use an encoder.