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#1 12.03.2012 14:45

Hey guys,

I am currently developing a new Clan Module for Siena. I wanted it to be a bit different from the average clan system so I wanted to include some nice features from release day.

So far the system includes: 

  • Player applications - Players details connected to user details (player must first sign up to the clan website)
  • Team Roster - Displays team and a list of applicants for clan moderators and admins
  • Rank system - Ranks start from level 1 (Application awaiting approval) to 20 (Clan leader) with rank name, short name and image. Each player can be set a rank or can rank up using the XP system.

*Automatically adds 20 ranks to the database with default names, images and required XP levels but each rank can be modified to your specifications.

  • XP system - Each rank requires a certain amount of XP which is earned by different criteria set out by the clan admin.
  • Player Progress - Progress bar and full player stats shown in user profiles.
  • Rank Protection - Clan admin can set which ranks can "moderate" the clan and clan leaders can only be deleted by other clan leaders or the site admin.
  • Team System - Create teams or squads.

Currently working on:

  • Trophy/Achievement System - Set of achievements or mile stones that players can achieve to earn a trophy/badge to show in their profile and earn XP towards ranking up. customisable by the clan admin.
  • Match Making - Create matches that players can volunteer to play or set a team to compete in.
  • Tournament System - Keep track of any tournaments the clan competes in.
  • Team Tactics - Forum style area to which only clan members have access to.
  • Index Tags - Display any relevant information about the clan on the index page.

Next Phase:

  • Calendar System

I was wondering what else you would like/expect to see from the initial release or any ideas you would like to share?




Відредаговано: lukgoh (12.03.2012 18:44, 12 років тому)
#2 12.03.2012 15:00

hey there, nice work with that, cotonti miss that rly, in passt i "made" small clan roster, very simple thing to display ppl from exact rank, idk if ull include it but i'd sugest:

- clan roster
- and maybe some linking to common league sites, like clanbase.ggl.com or fraggednation.com

i have small experience with all of claning thing :P so i gighly sugest u to make things simple, since ppl are very lazy, its hard for me to explain it, if ull need help to organize it, let me know :)


PS. ill w8 for some livedemo to test!

PS2. Also i noticed that clan sites missing very simple calendar, i mean... i play q3 for few good years now and i.e. when we have match like 2day, i only know about it cuz i simply remember date and time :P small thing what would remind ppl when something will happen

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Cotonti Genoa based site: forgotten-garage.pl
#3 12.03.2012 16:08

Thanks for the reply Dave. Roster is actually done, I'm not sure why I didn't put that on the list... 

#4 12.03.2012 16:14

Good idea lukgoh, but maybe you can save urself some work;

Rank system: Is this really nessecary? I think not. clan sites mostly are dedicated to the clan, so ranking usually will suffice with the current user abilities of cotonti. Think a part where a user can choose to be part (or not) of your clan module is enough. By doing it seperatly, you will give admins more work, in stead of less.
I always exclude visitors from the site by making the first (registered) group allies; everything above is member

include a part where admins can add games, with image and short description, and a part for users to add/delete a game from their profile (and ofcourse a display of said games (icons) in a users profile).

A link to league sites, like Dave says is imho a useless feature.

A simple calendar would be nice for upcoming matches, the more when people can sign up/decline/maybe a given item on the calendar.

Would be cool to see some index parts in it to, for example the last 'x' matches win/lose. top players, etc. you know a bit like recent items for pages/forumtopics, if you catch my drift.

In the meantime i changed my sites from genoa to siena to, so if beta testing is needed, holla!


#5 12.03.2012 16:22

Thanks, I forgot to add that as well, the ability to add games is done. 

The ranking system is already done. If admins don't want players to be able to rank up on their own then they can just turn all the xp rewards to 0 and not include any of the related tags in the user profiles. 

There will be index tags for any relevant information to be displayed on there.

Calendar is something I will work into it, maybe not on the initial release.

#6 12.03.2012 16:57

CCCDev was working on a calendar, but havent seen him around in a while. maybe mail him and ask if you can use his. Thought it to be a quite extensive calendar. So that could save you some (more) work. You then only have to incoperate into your system :)

Question of interest; will there be a part (like progress, last played matches, etc) that can be included in the user profiles? again, same as recent pages/forum post for users?

Really looking forwards to this module dude, it is a long time wish of me to have this (again). Thx for your work. May the force be with you, Luke :P

#7 12.03.2012 17:26

hehe, thanks dude. I would rather write my own calendar though tbh. 

Yes, I am including as much info in the user details pages as I can think of. So far I have:

  • Kill count
  • Death count
  • K/D ratio
  • Current rank (full name, short name and image)
  • Current XP
  • XP required for next level
  • XP progress bar
  • Next rank (full name, short name and image)
  • Date added to the clan roster
  • Medals/Trophies and/or achievments
  • Last X amount of games player competed in
  • Team Role (lets you choose a team role, for example: Support, Sniper, etc.)

And more I have probably forgotten...

#8 12.03.2012 17:29

Very cool, Luke!

I can see some possibilities for my website with this plugin.
You know where (irc) to find me if you need any help with testing or whatever.

#9 12.03.2012 17:46

Yeah thanks Twiebie, I was going to tell you about this first but you were 'away' every time I came on there. 

As far as testing goes, I am debugging as much as I can but as soon as I have a Beta I will let you guys know. I was going to set up a live demo to show you guys but the logic side is taking up all my time at the minuet. As soon as I get the time to work more on the TPL side I'll put it up. 

#10 12.03.2012 17:51

I was a little busy the last few days with other things, i'll be there more often from now on, just give me a beep.

Looking forward to seeing the first bits in action!

#11 13.03.2012 00:29

Quick question guys, what do you pc gamers call your 'tag'? I know Xboxers call them gamer tags, thats what I have refered to them by in this module... Just want to try to avoid any confusion...  By tag I mean your gaming screen name...

#12 13.03.2012 00:43


#13 13.03.2012 00:48

Thats the one, lol.

#14 13.03.2012 00:52

:) one more pretty please request; could you make the tags global? so they (the index tags) can be used in other parts of a site (for instance in forums.tpl and whatnot?)

thx again :)

#15 13.03.2012 01:13

Yeah, there will be relivent tags for all the major areas of the site.