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An updated Events\Calendar plugin

#46 06.12.2010 00:34
@ez - Live Demo @ https://www.mihsoft.com/plug.php?e=events

Multi-Sort capability is currently not implemented but can be added :), will add it to the feature list.

Please share your ideas and I will be glad to implement any that I can.

My personal development blog with more updates is here - https://www.mihsoft.com/list.php?c=blogs

Screenshots can be found here - http://www.cotonti.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=6037&d=0
included below are the latest screenshots.

When the product is in a release state there will be full documentation in PDF format with screenshots and information on every area and parameter. :)
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#47 06.12.2010 01:49
  1. Enhancement: Autovalidate. Check out how it works for pages. Basically, if users has admin rights for the plugin then autovalidate their submission. If not then pass to validation queue.

  2. Bug: When adding an event and I force it to fail validation, the expire time gets silently incremented by 2 hours when page is returned.
    events.add.inc.php line 127:

    $event_form_expire = sed_selectbox_date($neventexpire+$usr['timezone']*3600 + 7200, 'long', '_exp');

    Should be [i think]:

    $event_form_expire = sed_selectbox_date($neventexpire+$usr['timezone']*3600, 'long', '_exp');
  3. Enhancement: Redirect to events.php after adding an event. [Just like after deleting an event; therefore consistent].

  4. Bug: Whilst trying out plug.php?e=calendar&c=CAT_CODE I got a 'wrong url' error. Turns out that the category I made wasn't in the cache so I had to purge the cache for it to work. Don't really know if that's avoidable, just thought I'd bring it to your attention.
#48 06.12.2010 04:09
Hi Hodges, thanks for the reports And fixes, just finishing dinner then I will get the fixes prepared. :)

Added 1 hour 54 minutes later:

1. Nice suggestion, added to features for v2.3
2. Well spotted, fixed :)
3. Fixed.
4. Did you have a previous version running?, I will look at refreshing the cache or clearing it during installation.
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#49 06.12.2010 06:34

think the avatar should be in front of the users name, feels a bit unnatural to me the way it is now, but that's just sitting on pennies on my part ;)

really love what you are doing with this plugin.. As suggested by others, a seperate template for the calendat would be great..
#50 06.12.2010 06:47
Thanks m8 :), I am having lots of fun.

Great suggestion, have implemented in latest version :), I will most likely make this a setting eg: Avatar position - Left\Right or {EVENTSDETAILS_USER_AVATAR} tag.

New beta will be ready this evening.

Added 29 minutes later:

@Hodges - Good news, got the autovalidation working with a few minor tweaks needed to the files, uses the same cfg setting as Pages, will abstract this to its own setting for final version.

Added 23 minutes later:

Update: BETA v2.2.08 - Many thanks to Hodges and Kingsley for their bug reports and suggestions.
Download Now

Added 1 minute later:

Some updates previously mentioned for BETA v2.2.08 are now moved to BETA v2.2.09, expected tomorrow.

- Private locations are now fully working.
- facebook like plugin functionality now available.
- Updated Event Details page layout.
- Updated Event Edit page layout.
- New configuration options from v2.2.07 and v2.2.08 will be tied in with the plugin.
- Any bug fixes that did not make it into v2.2.08.

Added 56 minutes later:

@Kingsley - a favour to ask, could you translate the new words in the NL Lang file on the events plugin for me?, my Dutch is not great as I learned only Afrikaans at school, thanks m8 :)
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#51 06.12.2010 10:26

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#52 06.12.2010 21:00
Superb, thanks m8 :)

Added 11 hours 38 minutes later:

As per the usual nightly update, most things are now done for the next beta and almost ready for final release, just got the configuration options to sort out. New BETA zip file this weekend.

Update: v2.2.09 BETA

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, helped and supported this plugin. The next BETA v2.2.10 is likely to be the last one before final release.

Added 8 days later:

Just to keep you updated, this is still being developed :), been studying and working non-stop for the past few weeks, another 3am finish tonight, fixing the last few glitches and bugs. Configuration options are now tied in for Avatar and Icon widths etc + the separate Attendees area for events is now working correctly.
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#53 19.12.2010 02:04
I've developed a modified version of the events plugin a couple years ago. It has the following additional features:
- Set which usergroups are allowed to 'attend' the event. Users not in one of those groups cannot change their status.
- Set usergroups to be 'attending' by default. Members in those groups have status 'attending' by default and must change their status if they won't be coming. Very useful in combination with max number of participants.
#54 19.12.2010 03:01
Sounds cool Koradhil, nice features, if it's ok can you point me to the version you created and I will merge in the changes and features?.
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#55 19.12.2010 03:37
I forgot to mention it also supports recurrent events (daily/weekly/monthly etc).

Download here. Look for "Added in v3.0" and follow the variables involved in those lines.
#56 19.12.2010 05:07
Thanks m8 :), superb features, will integrate them with the new version i'm working on if thats ok :)
Small problem, I cannot find any v3.0 things in the ZIP you mentioned, am I missing something. :)
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#57 19.12.2010 05:11
Look in inc files, it's in the inline comments.
#58 19.12.2010 05:15
Yup, checked all files, no sign of it :(, appears to be Version 1.0 from November 2006, only inline comment is about textboxer hehe, wrong zip? :)
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Відредаговано: MIHDev (19.12.2010 05:28, 13 років тому)
#59 19.12.2010 17:16
Here you can find version 2.0 and 2.1
... can we help you ...
#60 19.12.2010 19:43
Oh sorry, I zipped the wrong folder (old seditio install instead of cotonti). Download fixed (v3.0).