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An updated Events\Calendar plugin

#31 01.12.2010 02:20
All looks good. I would like to see the ability for events of different category to be displayed together on the same calendar with colour distinguishing them (as well as being able to view them separately with &c URI filter).
#32 02.12.2010 17:21
Great suggestions guys.

@Hodges - I like the idea you mention of showing colours to distinguish them, which part would you suggest putting in colour, The Text of the event, The Category or have a seperate
for each one with a pre-set colour which can be chosen in the Event Category setup, like a new option - Category Colour?.
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#33 02.12.2010 18:45
Perhaps to save space and reduce redundancy you could just colour the event name and put the category as a key at the bottom/top with a background in the same colour.
#34 03.12.2010 04:25
Finally i'm back coding on this, moved into my new offices :)

@Hodges - I'm working on the colour coding for event categories, great idea, what would you prefer, a preset list of colours to cycle in the settings or a per-category colour?.

Someone suggested for space saving we should use a Facebook style display for the "Maybe Attending" and "Not Attending" blocks.

The img alt tags are set to the username.

Update: 04/12/2010 - Added Reccomend\Like buttons for FaceBook (Switchable in the event, uses local url tag to generate the like button - Anyone interested in a Cotonti plugin for this? - See https://www.mihsoft.com for example, the code to implement this in news and other areas can be found here https://www.mihsoft.com/forums.php?m=posts&p=3#3)

Added 13 hours 6 minutes later:

Just a quick update before the BETA release tonight.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed {EVENTEDIT_PAGETITLE} and {EVENTEDIT_SUBTITLE} language values not showing up.
- Fixed incompatability with SED-Light template in event.edit.tpl and event.add.tpl

Added 33 minutes later:

Feature Update

- New mode added for m parameter 'attendees' with params 'id' and 'state' - https://www.mihsoft.com/plug.php?e=events&m=attendees&id=1&state=1 (This will be shown in a popup window for each availability state or directly with the URL in a normal window with a View All option underneath each state.
- New configuration option EventDetailsMaxAttendeesDisplay = 10 (Default is 10 per category).
- New configuration option ShowEventAttendeesInPopup = 1 (Default is 1 (True))

Added 1 minute later:

Beta Update:

First Beta will be posted here before midnight GMT tonight, just tidying up code and adding comments where applicable. Not all features planned have made it in the first beta but it gives a good indication of things to come.

Stay tuned...
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Відредаговано: MIHDev (04.12.2010 23:05, 13 років тому)
#35 04.12.2010 23:08
Am here tonight anyway, so I will test is for you on our site..
#36 04.12.2010 23:12
Superb, thanks Kingsley :)

Added 1 hour 19 minutes later:

- Implemented sorting on Title, StartDate and Enddate.
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#37 05.12.2010 00:53
@Hodges - I'm working on the colour coding for event categories, great idea, what would you prefer, a preset list of colours to cycle in the settings or a per-category colour?.
I think a per-category colour so that the colour doesn't keep changing on each visit as it should aid not confuse recognition of the category. Keep up the good work. I shall beta test this for sure.
#38 05.12.2010 07:45
Release is still on for tonight, just cooking my dinner as I had a late one in the office.

To make up for it I have completed the implementation of the sorting feature.
I will keep this post up to date with my progress throughout the evening.

This BETA is a rough around the edges as I have been learning about the plugins as I worked on them and lots of the code is still a work-in-progress and as such there may be lots of duplicated code segments, I will aim to reduce these down for the final version.

Watch this space :)

Added 1 hour 33 minutes later:

Beta 2.2.07 is now available - Download - (This includes an updated SQL script based on the original update posted by Trustmaster in the original Event Calendar v2.1 download).

PLEASE NOTE: This is a first beta and many of the functions are still being actively worked on. The code may contain bugs, defects and or other issues and is provided with no warranty. Some of the functons present in the BETA may not be present in the final versions. I do not recommend using this on LIVE sites, it is for testing purposes only, please excercise extreme caution!.

Installation instructions

Step 1: Run the appropriate SQL script for your version.
Step 2: Copy the Events and Calendar folders to the Plugins directory on your server.
Step 3: Open the Admin panel and Install the plugin.
Step 4: Navigate to plug.php?e=events and plug.php?e=calendar

Update v2.2.02: Beta ZIP file has been updated.

Update v2.2.03: BETA ZIP file has been updated.

Update v2.2.04: BETA ZIP file has been updated.

Update v2.2.05: BETA ZIP file has been updated.

Update v2.2.06: BETA ZIP file has been updated.

Update: v2.2.07: BETA ZIP file has been updated.

Disclaimer: I am not and do not claim to be the original author and\or creator of the plugin mentioned at the top of this post.
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#39 05.12.2010 13:01
Found small bug; if an event is in the validation queue, and you edit the event, it didn't remember the location. You have to fill in those fields again. after validation it keeps the location when edited.
#40 05.12.2010 13:51
Hi Kingsley, thanks for the bug report, will be fixed for the next beta update tomorrow :)
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#41 05.12.2010 19:58
  1. Enhancement: put all tpls in a folder:

    - or -


    I don't know which one officially Cotonti prefers.

  2. Enhancement: Give calendar its own tpl.

  3. Enhancement: Make available more tags for calendar.tpl. For example: To display any event fields (such as start time, end time).

  4. Enhancement: Set calendar background colours in skin css (different skins will want different colouring) and remove from plugin config.

  5. Enhancement: "Submit a new Availability Block" -> "Submit new Event".

  6. Enhancement: "Calendar of Availability" -> "Events Calendar".

  7. Inconsistency with engine: Event Category Code uneditable once set. This isn't true for pages...

  8. Enhancement: Click number on calendar to create event on that day.

  9. Inconsistency with engine: Event description required. Why?

  10. Enhancement: Ability to turn off social aspects. This could be achieved by user removing tags from tpl.

  11. Enhancement: Update plugin author info, versions, and dates.

  12. Bug: Event icon is forced to resize to 128x128px.

  13. Enhancement: All upcoming events doesn't mention the category that the events are in. Suggest in title column:
    <a>Event Category</a> > <a>Event Name</a>

  14. Bug: When deleting validated event: "Error occurred. Maybe wrong URL?" Does not happen when deleting unvalidated event.

  15. Enhancement: Event add default minutes are current minute. However, most events will be set to 00 minutes.

  16. Bug: If form submission errors due to broken validation rule (such as empty description), start date, end date, location are forgotten.

#42 05.12.2010 20:52
Thanks hodges, lots of great stuff to get on with, new beta today should iron out the bugs. :)

Added 18 minutes later:

1. Fixed
2. Should not be too much of a problem, will have a look.
3. ""
4. ""
5. Fixed
6. Fixed
7. Will change.
8. This could be tricky as it currently will cause the events.php to show the events for that day if the link is active, would you like it to make each day active and base the create decision on whether or not there are any pre-existing events for that day?.
9. Do you mean the Text for the event?, in which case I think it functions the same as pages, some characters must be entered.
10. Which social aspects do you mean?
11. Fixed
12. This is not a bug, it is intentional for the moment, will make it configurable in the settings.
13. Good idea, will add.
14. Fixed
15. Good idea, will change.
16. Fixed.

On a side note, I have added additional validation for End Dates less than Start Dates.
[b]Know the question and you will be far more likely to get an answer.[/b]

Відредаговано: MIHDev (05.12.2010 21:42, 13 років тому)
#43 05.12.2010 22:48
8. I was thinking something like:

calendar.php line 233:
$plugin_body .= "<td style=\"height:64px;vertical-align:top;background-color:".$mark_color.";\"><a href=\"plug.php?e=events&amp;m=add&amp;d=".$y."-".$m."-".$i."\">".$i."</a> ".$mark."<br />".$ev[$i]."</td>";

which would give you a URI like: plug.php?e=events&m=add&d=2010-12-6

and then something in events.add.inc.php to process the contents of $d to set the start and end dates appropriately.

9. Yes I meant the body text. In Cotonti you don't have to enter anything. I think for how I want to use the events system I don't think that field should be required to be filled.
#44 05.12.2010 23:08
Valid point - New Config Setting MinimumDescriptionLength has been added :), will be in next beta in a few hours, lots of new stuff added, trying to get as much of it in for the next beta as possible.

Added 20 minutes later:

Update: v2.2.07: BETA ZIP file has been updated. (See post above).
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Відредаговано: MIHDev (06.12.2010 07:51, 13 років тому)
#45 06.12.2010 00:26
Hi there,
Is there a description and/or screenshots, maybe even a live demo what it does ???

I am in need for a calender kinda plugin for events. But i have some wishes.. and i am not sure if I can use this plug. I need to sort on a couple of columns (like dates and a event type kindof thing)

So any information would be great

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