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What plugins would you like to see? Post your ideas here.

#16 17.11.2010 21:34
Actually I must say I'm impressed by the original use of lists. I need to try Page Avatar, but it looks like something that can be quite useful. As for ticket 571, that should be solved in Siena, because in page.list.php we use cot_generate_pagetags() to build tags automatically, so all page tags are available in list.
#17 19.11.2010 21:26
Merge forum posts.

We are able to split topics, but we should also be able to do it the other way around. Most forum users cant be bothered to search so you end up with 25 topics with good info in them but 24 are locked. The one thats left open will be confusing as people will link to the other topics discussing the answers from inside those topics.
Being able to merge posts from one topic into another would really help keeping informative topics and a clean forum.

Wether the merged post has to be moved completely to the new topic, copied and deleted or copied and put in some storing space (for DB purposes or whatever) I don't know, I guess thats up to anyone who would like to make such a plugin.

Might not be possible at all, I have no idea but i do know other forum software have it.
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#18 20.11.2010 21:00
Member groups.
Social groups. Something like on facebook.
It allows users to make groups by interests. A group may be open for all or closed.
The group must have a group wall and a forum.
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#19 05.07.2011 18:00

Migration from other CMS

The ability to migrate existing sites from other CMS into Cotonti probably could make it much more attractive for site owners to change their software. So my idea is to build a kind of import plugin that can read or convert databases of other cms. Forums, topics/posts, pages, and members for example. I've seen this in some board software, think it was SMF. I personally have a site running with php-fusion and really would like to migrate it to Cotonti, however I don't know how to do this without copying all data by hand or messing around with sql.

#20 28.10.2011 08:37

I have noticed a lot of other content management systems out there have a feed like facebook in the user profiles. Anything the user does updates in this mini feed, for example they change their profile details or they post in the forum. The feed is then displayed with a little icon depending on what the user has updated or submitted. Maybe a rewrite of user forum posts, latest pages, latest comments, user wall and the friend plugins would do the trick?

#21 28.10.2011 15:28

I have made such a plugin for a company. It's quite a big one and specific to their site. Probably they would allow me to distribute a "lite" version if the demand is high enough.

May the Source be with you!
#22 28.10.2011 20:45

Sounds awesome Trustmaster, I am defiantly interested in this. It's something I have wanted for a long time, could you keep me updated? Also could this be for Siena?

#23 04.11.2011 13:27

There is a pretty minimalistic pfs based gallery in SED150, but it was built in core. That was a stumbling block for me to go further with an upgrade, so i stayed with Seditio 150 (It`s quite an impossible task to convert 2000+ user posted gallery images with comments to Pageavatar based gallery sad)

PFS gallery plugin for Cotonti is most wanted and long-expected!

#24 16.06.2012 17:05

Hello, can anybody show me (if its created) a paypal plugin, to pay for mebmership on cotonti system ? and user photogallery with facybox , where user can upload ~10 photos ?


#25 16.06.2012 17:48
... can we help you ...
#26 16.06.2012 18:15

Thanks Pieter, how about user photogallery ?

#27 17.06.2012 06:36

ezGallery via PFS

PageMultiAvatar galleries via Pages.

Attachments via Pages or Forums.

May the Source be with you!
#28 18.06.2012 21:43

Hello , is there created or anyone can make me plugin to show a table of 16 random users

   1 (name, age)           2 (name, age)               3 (name, age)              4 (name, age)          
   5 (name, age)    6 (name, age)    7 (name, age)    8 (name, age)
   9 (name, age)    10 (name, age)    11 (name, age)    12 (name, age)
   13 (name, age)    14 (name, age)    15 (name, age)    16 (name, age)

and show in this table user avatar name and age.
If user doesn't have avatar he wouldn't display in this table

#29 19.06.2012 07:10

This is what you need. Just make it into a plugin.

$randomusers = $db->query("
  SELECT user_id FROM $db_users
  WHERE user_avatar != '' ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 16

if ($randomusers)
  foreach ($randomusers as $user)
    $t->assign(cot_generate_usertags($user['user_id'], 'RANDOMUSER_'));

The template will look like this:

<!-- BEGIN: MAIN -->
  <ul id="randomusers">
    <!-- BEGIN: ROW -->
    <li>{RANDOMUSER_NAME} <img src="{RANDOMUSER_AVATAR}" /></li>
    <!-- END: ROW -->
<!-- END: MAIN -->

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#30 12.12.2012 21:00

Since streaming is becoming quite popular, I would really enjoy seeing a twitch stream plugin.

Features would be something like an index tag for top 5 streamers and it would show the top5 currently live broadcasters that links to a page with the stream.  

You'd be able to enter your twitch username on your profile and other users would be able to "watch" your twitch name and recieve a PM when you go live? 

Just something to think about, I know i would use the piss out of it.