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#1 12.11.2010 00:02
Does anybody know of a library plugin?
Where you can add item to loan to anybody.
And where you can do a reservation in the future of the product.
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#2 12.11.2010 01:42
Hi pieter,

Am I right in thinking you are looking for a reservations system?

You could implement something similar using the Events Plugin

  • Make the calendar private then extract the functionality for attendance into a seperate tpl file
  • instead users can reserve an item (event) rather than attend it.

Hope this makes sense.

I can always have a look at doing some work on this if the above solution does not fully meet your requirements.
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#3 12.11.2010 16:01

Thx for the offer, but it is not necessary to develop anything.
Was just checking if it already existed.

I think it is easier with Access.
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