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Performed via SVN

#1 18.09.2010 03:36
As I have mentioned in Siena Alpha topic, we have a proposal to maintain official langpacks via our central repository. We already made such attempts before, but as you can see there wasn't enough effort.

The proposal actually means this:
  • Translators will be given write access to our SVN repository to maintain their language packages there
  • All the official languages will be included in international Siena builds

What benefits it gives:
  • If more than 1 person work on the same language pack, then version control system makes it easier to work together and sync changes.
  • You can use diff tools to see changes between revisions.
  • It is easier to get language packs packaged together when they are centralized.

What the difficulties are:
  • Translators will have to learn using SVN
  • It takes some time to get used to it

We also need to decide about one thing: the location where langpacks are maintained. Originally we set up branches/langpacks folder for this purpose. Alternatively, they can be maintained in trunk as the core en/ru locales are (which are most actively developed).

So let's see what you think about it.
May the Source be with you!
#2 18.09.2010 17:27
I've never worked with SVN, but it seems to involve more time for the translation process I guess. But I'll try to dig into this materia if these plans can help cotonti development to be more flexible.

#3 21.09.2010 00:53
OK, guys, we have decided that we improve Siena and its en/ru localization first and when it is close to its final state we will let you know and give you all necessary information. Until then you may help us finding awful bugs in the alpha or just have a break.
May the Source be with you!