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#1 08.09.2010 19:27
I've got the idea that there are a lot of commercial plug-ins available for Cotonti, which aren't mentioned on this site... Wouldn't it be wise to do something with that on this site?
I mean, there already is a part for free plug-ins, so why not one for paid plug-ins?
#2 08.09.2010 22:23
i would say thats a not so bad idea.
but how is the payment done? is it payed here at cot.com or somehow over paypal and then send via pm?

i would suggest some sort of library where all pay plugins can be viewd & maybe tested
for a purchase you have to contact the author...

my 2 cents
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#3 08.09.2010 22:49
Commercial plugins are allowed to be-listed here. We are in no way involved with any payments.

Basically anything urlkiller like that is up to a plugin developer.

However this topic does bring to mind for me to add a "commercial" field for plugins/modules/skins repository system. (Not gonna detail it out, but there will be some overhauls on cotonti.com aswell with Siena 0.9.0)

On another note, I would have my commercial plugins listed here yet, but I haven't got my site fully setup yet :) ( which is really only 1 commercial plugin atm, as I don't count ones i've made specifically for Clients)
#4 09.09.2010 00:05
yeah sure that cot.com wont be the reseller of the plugs.
but currently there are (some/alot) of commercial plugins and we dont have any listing for them.

so i imagined only a category where all commercial plugins can be presented.
So we would have ONE place where all comes together. otherwise you need to search google/the interwebs to find some commercial plugin you might need.

so i was thinking about some sort of yellow pages for commercial plugins where you could contact the original author. it also would create more revenue for the plugin makers....
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#5 09.09.2010 05:15
There is an old thread about this:

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#6 09.09.2010 15:13
@ Ez

true, but I think it's time that there should be something done about this. Most of the plug-ins come from russian based developers. Seeing my russian isn't what it should be, nine out of ten times I can't make a thing from those sites (fuck google translate and all, if you let them translate a russian site, it gets hilarious and somewhat hard to fully understand)

Plus, I think it would be a small boost for cotonti too.
#7 09.09.2010 16:04
I just pointed out that there was a thread..., but you are right, Cotonti could really use a boost..
and it is a shame that plugins do not get listed (even if they are commercial).
And I would love to see all plugins in english as well.
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#8 09.09.2010 16:08
Translation takes time sometimes, so rather than using Google you could request details in the forums or contact the developer.
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#9 09.09.2010 16:21
@ Kort..

That isn't really the point here. Translations or not, the fact is that there are a lot of plug-ins out there that aren't known to large numbers of the community, because they are (for example) Russian, of polish, or whatever. Cotonti gets more plug-ins (thus in the long run attracts more people to it) and the developers get a chance to get some revenue. Seems to me it's a fair deal.
#10 09.09.2010 17:08
I think the problem with those plugins is that they are developed in Russian by default, and do not always get translated to English. My plugins are always in English by default, and I sometimes make the effort to translate them to Dutch as well.
#11 09.09.2010 18:20
What are the plugins that are not translated into English?
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#12 09.09.2010 19:15
The ones I dont know about since their only posted on some obscure Russian sites.
#13 09.09.2010 20:43
How come you do not know what you're talking about? Feels like there is nothing to discuss here: there are only three commercial plugins published here at cotonti.com (two by seditio.by and one by 2basix.nl), and they are properly documented and tested. If we come up with the requirement to mark them as [Commercial] or smth I do not think there will be any objections. If anyone need a paid job, there is space for that at the forums. Building a complete list of 'bigtime' commercial plugins (like e-commerce stuff in instance) with test sites makes very little sense, for it takes time and effort, and the outcome is zero, like this discussion.
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#14 09.09.2010 21:22

They just mean, there are a lot of sites selling commercial plugins BUT not on cotonti.

There are only 3 at cotonti. But there are much more.
Now you can't find them if you need one, because they are not centralised.
And if you search in google, we can't understand the site that are in Russian.

Eg seditio.by. They (you) have a lot of stuff, very good stuff, but we don't understand it.
You can find the info via google search.
If all commercial plugins for cotonti are listed here with a good english explaination.
It is better for the plugin-creator. More money.
And better for cotonti, because more users will use it, because there are more plugins to use. Payed or free ones.
... can we help you ...
#15 09.09.2010 21:25
@pieter you got it to the point!
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