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Tweet Button for pages and forums

#1 28.08.2010 21:48

This simple plugin is based on the Tweet Button script for Twitter. It creates two tags, one in pages and one in forums.posts. It displays a button which you can use to tweet about the current page or topic, including a shortened url to that page. Optionally it can show the number of times it was tweeted. You can also configure an account to mention in the tweet.

- Upload files
- Install in admin panel
- Configure the plugin
- Add {TWEETBUTTON} in page.tpl and forums.posts.tpl

Download here

PS. This was originally part of my new Twitti plugin (oAuth enabled) but its more logical to release them seperately.

Відредаговано: Koradhil (12.10.2010 05:35, 12 років тому)
#2 28.08.2010 22:30
Thank You
Hiç bir şey insan kadar yükselemez ve onun kadar alçalamaz.
Fil zinciriyle, at gemiyle, kadın da gönül rızasıyla tutulur.
#3 29.08.2010 00:00
yeah looks nice....
URL shortener: <a href="http://bbm.li/!7AD5C7">http://bbm.li/!7AD5C7</a>
#4 30.08.2010 01:06

Twitti v2.0 is out.

#5 01.10.2010 21:42
When I click on the box that holds the amount of tweets it opens up to a page that cant find the original tweets.

No real-time results for http://mysite.com/page.php?id=2440 OR http://mysite.com/page.php

It cant find mysite.com/xxxxx because the original tweet removes that and gives a short url instead?
#6 01.10.2010 21:56
Yes, I have the same problem. It lies with Twitter, not in the plugin. See also this page (people talk about it in the comments), or check the documentation.

Відредаговано: Koradhil (01.10.2010 22:04, 12 років тому)
#7 02.10.2010 08:06
Is there a way to fix this or will the number count button always go to this error page? if so there is no point keeping the number count link alive(clickable)? how to remove that?
#8 04.10.2010 04:05
You can configure the plugin so it doesn't display the count.