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#1 22.07.2010 18:02
I'm in love how fonts looks like in Mac OS. Sites looks perfectly with that. Is it possible to add some kind of smooth support for fonts on the site? Some JS of CSS hacks?
#2 23.07.2010 15:57
You can make for all text images. But on Windows there are IE, MF, Opera, Safari and co. Every Browser have a different truetype effetkt so only images are the way to set the text smooth. I have this problem in one project that works and looks perfect on windows pc´s but on Mac is everytime from the truetype Effect 1px to much, So i hate Mac and i think mac is for all people that need a **********
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#3 23.07.2010 19:23
# scriptor : i hate Mac and i think mac is for all people that need a **********

real computer? :P
#4 24.07.2010 01:53
))))) lol... Mac shows fonts much better...
#5 25.07.2010 01:27
This is no place for a mac vs pc discussion. There are some techniques to get custom fonts in webpages. Some use flash (which has font support), others use images. Newer techniques use true font support but that is very browser specific. Check out SIFR or an alternative.
#6 27.07.2010 08:42
i currently use custom fonts on mine, it works on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and will work on the new IE when its out, so i would try using TTF as stated above, or use a images but TTF is alot quicker and easier to do but as of now it does not play well with IE
#7 05.08.2010 10:04
i wanna add these to the discussion:

http://htmldog.com/guides/cssadvanced/atrules/ (is about @import fonts that looks pretty cool)
http://www.alistapart.com/articles/cssatten (about embedding true type fonts in html)

the list apart artikle is pretty good explainatory about using "custom fonts" on html pages.
the html dog thing is more for the FF,CHRM,SAFRI fans. if the font cannot load in the browser it uses a regular "sans-sarif" or "serif" font defined in the apache2 module of your webserver.

The solutions from koradhil are pretty good too but this technique uses flash and/or images to generate the fonts. i dont know how google reacts on them?! no offense but i had always a "dirty" feeling using this type of font generator things. it just dont feel right and how about iphone compatibility?
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#8 05.08.2010 13:34
@font-face solution is by far better than the flash and image replacement stuff. Compatibility with practically all browsers is possible if you define eot, woff and truetype versions of the required font.
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#9 05.08.2010 21:54
the @font-face solution was, until today, the fastest and clean solution to the custom font problem.

as Kort said @font-face supports most browsers (yeah even Konquerer!!) what makes this the currently best alternative for fonts.
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