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webmailer included in Private Messages

#1 20.06.2010 06:24
I was playing with the Idea since a few years now. Building a Email Client in the Private Messages System. Ok i guess most already know what i mean, for the others this example:

Imagine you click on Private Messages and the Server where the Site is installed also requests you email messages from another email server using IMAP / POP3 and for sending Email from Cotonti you also could enter a SMTP server.

I know that this type of Plugin is not for regular Hosting Users because as i understand it, it needs some use of more avarage server access.

Ok to come to the point: I know that not many users had a use for this Plugin/s and its very very time consuming to make even a rudimentry version of this.

But if anybody likes to do something like this and where interessted in teaming up on this they can PM me here on the Forums and we could discuss some details... (ill check around once a week so it may take some time since i answer)
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