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Adding an img picture later does not work

#1 11.05.2010 04:43
Try it for yourself, make a post and edit it later adding a picture between "img" tags. The picture will not show.
At some text below the picture and you will see the text does show.

If you quote the person who added a picture to his earlier post you can see the code of that picture but even there the picture does not show.

The picture also does not show in the preview.

Added 5 minutes later:

Oeps, sry.
I guess I made the error myself :(
Funny how you can use the wrong link for so long.

Sorry please delete
<img src="http://www.armaholic.com/datas/thumbs/green-sea-battalion-uniforms-version-03-preview_4.jpg" alt="green-sea-battalion-uniforms-version-03-" />

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