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A nasty bug we can't get rid of

#1 05.05.2010 01:07
Well, it was supposed to be fixed a few releases ago but some recent information shows that the problem still appears sometimes.

If you sometimes get suddenly logged out while browsing this site or your Cotonti site (please report for the most recent 0.6.7 version only), please tell us in this topic. These details are also very important:
  • after what actions were you logged out?
  • were you just clicking links and viewing pages or filled in some form and clicked submit?
  • was Cotonti opened in multiple browser windows or multiple tabs?
  • what browser was it?

I have expressed some thoughts in #484 and this site is now using an experimental fix, but it seems like the fix doesn't work.
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#2 05.05.2010 01:24
Something similar happened to me but I do not know if it's caused by the same defect.
Because of my strong url-rewriting work (to create fake subdomains based oh category/subcategory names), I had to hard-delete all browser cache and history otherwise I was logged on some pages and not on other (which earlier had a different URL). This way with Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari... for IExplorer I had a more difficult job as if it were a problem even DNS :/ :O

Could be a related problem?
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#3 05.05.2010 02:10
Your problem might be a subdomain cookie issue usually fixed by setting cookie domain like ".sangelo.net". The bug I'm talking of here is not subdomain-related.
May the Source be with you!