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#1 25.04.2010 04:29
Hi, I have recently translated the official core+plugins+skins of Seditio (to Norwegian)
I'm thinking about doing this for Cotonti to, Would it be fairly easy for me simply using the work i've done already or is it better to do this from scratch ?
Probably translating something
#2 25.04.2010 04:35
Welcome on board and thanks for joining Cotonti translation team :)
I guess you'll have to do a lot of copy/paste since Cotonti language files have been reorganized and lang-strings regrouped. However, it has many lang-strings of its own, so this will require translation too. Feel free to ask any questions, and once again welcome!
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#3 25.04.2010 05:52
Thanks Kort..

I think I'll might as well do it from scratch then, it seems safer..
I'll start doing it pretty soon, I just have to finish another translation project first :)
Probably translating something