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#1 07.04.2010 00:48
When will there a true multi-language support?

I have a site with 2 languages up and running, but I'm using 2 plugins for it.
- Page i18n from Trustmaster
- Language Selector from EZ

But now I need to add 2 language flags.
1 for the menu's (Ez plugin)
1 for the pages (trustmaster)

The site: http://www.ljcourtois.be/en/page/bestellen
Click on the flag on top of the page to see what it does.

Is there a way to do it with on selector?
I'm not a programmer, so I have no clue.
Can some help me?
... can we help you ...

Відредаговано: pieter (07.04.2010 01:48, 13 років тому)
#2 07.04.2010 02:57
Simply Pause the header part of pagi18n plugin to disable the selector in it.
May the Source be with you!
#3 07.04.2010 04:19
I commented out this part in the header part:
// Language selector
foreach($pagi18n_langs as $key)
	$pi18n_url = preg_replace(PAGI18N_PATTERN2, '/'.$key.'/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
		'LANG_ROW_URL' => $pi18n_url,
		'LANG_ROW_CODE' => $key,
		'LANG_ROW_NAME' => $sed_languages[$key],
		'LANG_ROW_FLAG' => '<img src="images/flags/f-'.$key.'.gif" alt="'.$key.'" />',
		'LANG_ROW_SELECTED' => $key == $lang ? 'selected="selected"' : '',
		'LANG_ROW_CURRENT' => $key == $lang ? 'current' : ''

But than I can only select the language for the menu's and not for the pages.

What I want is that if I click on a link (flag or link) that I change it for the pagi18n AND language selector with that one click.

Added 1 minute later:

I guess I need to combine the code from both plugins.
Add the lang selector function in the pagi18n or visa versa
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#4 07.04.2010 05:32
Pieter asked me this... (a while ago) But I have no time to make this right now....

I think I could do it all in JS

When switching I could change the language part of the url www.ljcourtois.be/en/page/bestellen
to the newly selected language. (and do a redirect)

so old url: www.ljcourtois.be/en/page/bestellen
new url: www.ljcourtois.be/nl/page/bestellen

BUT this will only work IF the /page/bestellen part is also available in the other language.
Any way this is what I was thinking... for a solution

Maybe someone can pick it up, and make it...
Like I said... I have a lot of (paid) work to do first...

Hope someone can help here :)
Like pieter said It would be a very nice feature to have !!!
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#5 07.04.2010 17:07
I need multilang contents on some sites too, so I wanted to implement it as a core feature for Siena, but so far I have had no time for it. I'll try to find some after we (eventually) release the first alpha.
May the Source be with you!
#6 07.04.2010 17:09
Do you have a time idea for it?

My site is not critical, So if needed I want to try the alpha version.
For the moment it is a static site. So if I have a backup I can return after a time.
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#7 07.04.2010 17:21
Maybe I'll have time for i18n in May, in April I have a lot of stuff to do for Uni.
May the Source be with you!
#8 08.04.2010 15:31
It would be cool if cotonti would use my language selection plugin (or parts of it) in Siena :D
I really think that multilanguage support is a must have..

In a few weeks I, maybe, have time to look at it pieter...
I will let you know if I start working on it again..
==- I say: Keep it EZ -==
#9 05.11.2010 18:49
Hello Guys,

Will this be implemented someday standard in the core of Cotonti?
I think this is a must have for Cotonti, if we want to grow.

This is not urgent for me, just nice to know what is going on with it.
... can we help you ...
#10 05.11.2010 20:17
May the Source be with you!
#11 05.11.2010 21:32
Trustmaster is working on this. If I remember my conversation with him correctly, the implementation will be like this:
  • All pages are in a default language
  • Pages in other languages are stored seperately, as alternative pages
  • Later on this can be extended to support pages in non-standard language without a 'parent' page in default language.
  • Language options can be set by administators, so new languages can be added when needed. Perhaps there will also be an option/script to allow all languages/pre-install a big list of languages.
The entire thing will be a plugin or module, so it's optional.
#12 05.11.2010 21:54
sounds good
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