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Providing a proper robots.txt file will help your sites to be indexed better

#1 19.02.2010 01:24
Cotonti comes with robots.txt file, but it's actually a very poor one:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /datas
Disallow: /images
Disallow: /js
Disallow: /skins

I think we should provide much more advanced robots.txt file, so Cotonti will be indexed better, especially for those who don't edit this file themselves.

So, if you are familiar with robots.txt, feel free to post your snippets, comments and advice here to help us with it.

Added 52 days later:

Bump! Really nobody has dealt with robots.txt?
May the Source be with you!

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#2 12.04.2010 20:14
The main thing missing here is the fact that we need to link to the sitemap file (if it exists).

Apart from that there is no indexing benefits inside of robots.txt
<a href="">Surreal Art</a>
#3 12.04.2010 21:24
So, just using the Sitemap plugin is a better idea, isn't it?
May the Source be with you!