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#16 20.01.2009 06:32
Oh i'm sure what he has done is good. I'm not saying anything against it. I just had though of some ideas and developed thoughts a long time ago about doing a WYSIWYG/BBcode change for MarkitUp, if nothing else just for the challenge :)

But yes this can be offered as an alternative, and we will have the downloads sections all done soon (actually they should be, minus some customizations).

I might be misunderstanding what you mean by Release Package. But for the Official release Package, of 0.0.2, Everything thats inside the /trunk/ at a specific revision, is what will be used for the Release package. The only other thing that will be included will be the what I have dubbed the Cotonti Setup Manager, which will be instaler/ugprader/etc If hopefully its complete in time.
#17 20.01.2009 06:32
Now not work spoiler and quote= (quote work)
other tags work fine ( maybe :-) )
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#18 20.01.2009 14:57
It is GPL and has to be available as a plugin (not included in the main package).
May the Source be with you!
#19 20.01.2009 15:16
# Trustmaster : It is GPL
and LGPL and MPL

P.S. Small fix, arhiv updated.

P.P.S. add exgange tag for table.
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#20 21.01.2009 00:19
*checks topic*

Awesome! Awesome! WYSIWYG! Awesome!

*calming down*
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#21 21.01.2009 22:48
New version (pre release) :-)
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#22 26.01.2009 04:16
Thank you! Please have my sisters baby! :-)
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#23 26.01.2009 06:11
# Lombi : Thank you! Please have my sisters baby! :-)

I almost fell out of my chair laughing.
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#24 02.02.2009 06:07
Thanks for this, will look into it. I hacked Sed125 to use TinyMCE, but this looks like its based on FCK. I personally prefer TinyMCE so I might do a TinyMCE plugin for Cotonti ;)
#25 02.02.2009 19:37
Just was installing fckeditor, and couldn't get the width of the textplace properly.

After a long search a found 1 line extra in fckeditor.forums.posts.php which caused the problem, in editpost and newtopic this line isn't there on line 38

oFCKeditor.Width = document.documentElement.clientWidth-250;

With out that line fckeditor also has the proper size in forum topics.

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#26 30.04.2009 00:02
Not working with custom smiles
#27 12.05.2009 05:40
I think this topic needs a quick bump :P

I just installed FCK Editor, and it looks and works great. Except I seem to have found a problem...
While doing some tests, it looks like the text colour isn't working properly. When I use this BBcode:
[color= rgb(255, 102, 0)]Testing...[/color]
This is the output I get:

[color= rgb(255, 102, 0)]Testing...[/color]

No red text for some reason. Any ideas?
#28 12.05.2009 07:27
You could add a new bbcode.
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